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Thursday, April 24, 2014

You do not need to let fear get to you.

Fear can paralyze us. It really is just a rotten lie if you think of it. If you look back you know that all things do work for the good for those that love God. Even unbelievers are given grace and many times their unfortunate situations work out for the good.  I believe God does that because He does not want to loose anyone. He loves all people. Even the unbeliever.  Of course having the favor of God because we are His child is the most precious gift. But that is another topic.

About fear. I write from a believer's experience. God tells us do not fear over 365 times in the Bible. That is how much His love for us is. We can not even embrace His love so deep and wide. He does not want us to fear. He has everything covered. His timing is just right. We do not always understand we only need to trust and believe that God knows what He is doing. We can cast all of our cares on Him. When the gut wrenching feeling of fear grasps you and it can do that breath deep. Pray in the Spirit of God. Or start praising God. Rise up and do something. Do not give in to the devil trying to oppress you. The devil is our enemy and wants us to stay confined in a box of misery. He is doomed to hell. Do you know that? So he knows his time is short and he is still trying to have victory over Jesus. it will not happen because Jesus paid the price already. He died for our sins so we could have everlasting life.

So my dear friend. If you are struggling today and we will have those days be not afraid. The feelings will pass. We can get so down that we can't seem to get up. But God is for us. He will help just reach out for His hand and ask Him to pull you up. Did you know Jesus says He will not allow the devil to tempt us more than we can bear. You see Jesus will come for us. In the time Jesus is shaping and molding us so we can be strengthened in Him by faith. God is so good. If you are having issues today I encourage to to read more of my story on fear. Please follow the link above in the title. I truly believe you are reading this for a reason. Be Blessed and keep your eyes on Jesus. Not the situation. 

My Love, Skye 
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