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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sharing The Love: You do not need to let fear get to you.Fear can ...

Sharing The Love: You do not need to let fear get to you. Fear can ...: You do not need to let fear get to you. Fear can paralyze us. It really is just a rotten lie if you think of it. If you look back you know...
You do not need to let fear get to you.

Fear can paralyze us. It really is just a rotten lie if you think of it. If you look back you know that all things do work for the good for those that love God. Even unbelievers are given grace and many times their unfortunate situations work out for the good.  I believe God does that because He does not want to loose anyone. He loves all people. Even the unbeliever.  Of course having the favor of God because we are His child is the most precious gift. But that is another topic.

About fear. I write from a believer's experience. God tells us do not fear over 365 times in the Bible. That is how much His love for us is. We can not even embrace His love so deep and wide. He does not want us to fear. He has everything covered. His timing is just right. We do not always understand we only need to trust and believe that God knows what He is doing. We can cast all of our cares on Him. When the gut wrenching feeling of fear grasps you and it can do that breath deep. Pray in the Spirit of God. Or start praising God. Rise up and do something. Do not give in to the devil trying to oppress you. The devil is our enemy and wants us to stay confined in a box of misery. He is doomed to hell. Do you know that? So he knows his time is short and he is still trying to have victory over Jesus. it will not happen because Jesus paid the price already. He died for our sins so we could have everlasting life.

So my dear friend. If you are struggling today and we will have those days be not afraid. The feelings will pass. We can get so down that we can't seem to get up. But God is for us. He will help just reach out for His hand and ask Him to pull you up. Did you know Jesus says He will not allow the devil to tempt us more than we can bear. You see Jesus will come for us. In the time Jesus is shaping and molding us so we can be strengthened in Him by faith. God is so good. If you are having issues today I encourage to to read more of my story on fear. Please follow the link above in the title. I truly believe you are reading this for a reason. Be Blessed and keep your eyes on Jesus. Not the situation. 

My Love, Skye 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sharing The Love: Nothing new under the sun.

Sharing The Love: Nothing new under the sun.: We have all heard these infamous words inspired by God and written by King Solomon. He is and was and will ...

Nothing new under the sun.

Nothing new under the sun.

We have all heard these infamous words inspired by God and written by King Solomon. He is and was and will forever be the wisest and richest of men created. King Solomon asked Jesus for wisdom and He got His prayer answered. Unfortunately the King married woman of another culture and that was His demise. He was warned from God to marry only His own kind as foreign woman would lead him to idol worship. How could the wisest King make an error as this?  We are human and not one is perfect no not one. The Kings life ended and he knew he blew it. He disobeyed God and he was left feeling empty. You see only God fills our hole inside. It is never too late until it is too late. If you read this now and feel empty like something is a miss please go to my hub and take a few minutes to read. I truly believe you will be blessed in doing so. It is not because I am this infamous writer but God works through others to touch other hearts. He designed us to need one another and to help our brother. May each day be blessed in abundance. God wants that for His children. Jesus is the way truth and life.Nothing else will do. My Love, Skye

Please leave me a comment. I would be honored to know you and to hear from you.  

Sharing The Love: Activate Favor into your life.

Sharing The Love: Activate Favor into your life.: Prayers to activate blessing. Beloved I am back to the blog. I have been away for a time. I attempted to stay with it and post for thirty...

Activate Favor into your life.

Prayers to activate blessing.

Beloved I am back to the blog. I have been away for a time. I attempted to stay with it and post for thirty days in a row but that did not go as planned. I truly meant to follow through with this promise to myself. Goes to show you I can not do anything on my own. God is over all. It is in Him and through Him I have my being. It was not like I was being tested. I am not going to beat myself up I can try again. Next time I will ask the Lord to help me with the goal. What a concept.

I must tell you something. I know you will be blessed beyond measure as I was. I went to hubpages to read a few articles. In particular I usually search for writings from believers. Yesterday I landed on a site and I was blown away. It was a divine appointment. There is no doubt. I really needed to hear, see and be at this site. God knows all things. 

The link to the site is above. It is a declarations site. Words we speak are life and death. As God tells us in His word life and death are in the power of the tongue. It is true. No matter if we speak negative or positive our words go out into a time capsule and will come back to us. So speak life.. 

To speak life into our situations is not always easy. But with daily direction and practice we can get much better at doing so. In time everything will get better by faith and the love of Christ in us. God desires for us to prosper and be in good health. Prosper meaning to have peace. God also wants us to have nice things but those things do not go with us. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these other thing shall be added to you. Matthew 6:32  His wealth and riches are gifts and He has paid the price for His children to have them. Jesus wants to rain His glorious favor on His children. 

I do not know who may land on this blog. Perhaps I am writing for my own reminder. I get few if any comments. It is all good. I am here for Jesus and to do His bidding. But if you are here there is no mistake. Go to the link above and check out the web site. You decide. If you practice speaking the declarations your life will change. Jesus is the breakthrough. We need to hear His promises and speak them into our lives.
May the favor of God be on you each and every day. May you increase in good health and may your family prosper and be in good health. May the love of Jesus shine in you and on you and through you. You are loved by an awesome God. 

I love you in Christ Jesus.  SkyePrayers to activate blessings.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Living in Pain and Healing

My dear friends. Well I missed another couple of days at my goal. 30 days writing in a row. The first ten days and I made 6. Not bad. Tee Hee. I did have good excuse. I have been in and out of Doctors office and ER with horrible back pain. After running tests they found nothing. I am so grateful because my blood is in normal range. Me,yes me. I am over 55 years and to find nada is such a blessing. To have a normal CB blood work is amazing. It is because of God not me. Trust me I am not a health freak. 

Then the last test came in that evening. I did not know there was a last test. I was told to scurry to the ER for a scan. The Ddap test came back elevated and that could mean blood clot in the lungs. The pain did not subside There is nothing we can not do with Christ, Amen. But there are times He has others around to help us along our path. My sister took me to me to the ER. I was so grateful because I was shaking through the pain. Go figure. I really believed it to be my regular back pain and I did something to agitate it. Jesus told me no worries. He says so in His Word 365 times. I did not worry but truth is I was hurting and I sure did not need to drive myself because of pride. That is my most blaring defect pride and ego. Ugh. God is working on it and in His time our defects start to fall from us. He is so amazing. It is hard to admit this ole clay pot is not what it used to be. I dreamed of running around my grand kids but that has not happened. They run around me as it should be given they are 2 an 3 years old.

So my scan comes back negative. The doctor came in and released me. After a few hours there it was like you are ok see you goodbye. Go see your doctor. Oh here are a few more pills to help with pain. ER rooms are like that. They treated and released. I did not go see my doctor on Friday. I had it with doctors already. God forgive me. Like I am all it. No I am not all it but I think I knew that I knew it was low back related. 

The pain has not subsided. I have prayed and listened to the word of God all week. I have canceled appointments and laid back. I get so frustrated laying back but to be honest I had no choice. The pain was that intense.  I am standing on healing. I know the devil wants to take me down and it is not going to happen. I am fighting my dear brothers sisters friends. Jesus is the sword and I am using it. Am I perfect at it no not by a long shot. It is hard when in pain to say I am healed. I am healed because Jesus paid the price. He took all our infirmities. He took our pain and illness. He is a good God. He is such love.  He shed His blood so we could live and have an abundant life. So much depends on faith. Because faith moves mountains. God is love and understands but no faith does not please God.  He gave us His word and promises and we can all have healing. I often wondered why so many do not get healed?  I can not answer but I do know what Gods word says. I do know we will never graduate but we go from glory to glory faith to faith or hope to hope. 

Our hope and promise is one day no pain, tears, sickness, hunger. Jesus is  going to return. Be ready  my dear friends. Keep your heart in the word of God. Listen to His word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Do not give in to foolish idols or trusting the world. We can only trust what our Lord has done for us and His promise to care for us. He is our source. 

My love dear and precious friends. I am better this afternoon. Praise God.  Life is one change to another and we do not know the inbetween. We can make plans and they change, Amen? God never changes. He is the Good News of Salvation. Oh sweet Jesus thank you for your word and thank you for covering your children. We belong to the King of Kings. Do not forget it child of God.

My Love, Skye 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

No coincidence in Gods World, none.

Me on my. I have not made the promise to myself. Thirty days of writing in a row on my blog. I made 8 days and skipped two. For reels, I tried on my own accord and I know I can not do anything on my own. In other words dear friend if you are reading this it is God who is my all. I know without Christ I am nothing. I can't even keep a simple promise to myself. I am not beating myself up. God does not beat us up. Only the devil beats us up and tells us we are no good. He is such a liar. We are so beautiful in God's eyes. We can not imagine His love so great. He is for His children not against us. Anyway I return to write. All for His Glory. Not mine trust me. It is about Jesus and what He has done for me. Not what I have done. Without Him I am swimming upstream with no life vest. 

God is so amazing. I have these days that I feel low down. Who does not? Even the most professed Christian has to experience trials and persecution because this is how we grow. No matter the profession God will use us and our testimony for His Glory. He is so amazing. We only need to rise at attempting His work for us. The rest will unfold. Us humans are so up and down. God knew it. That is why He sent His son so we would be forgiven our sin. Oh Sweet Jesus how awesome you are. You died for our sins and rose from the dead. You will return to rule and reign. I so look forward to that day sweet Jesus. Thank you God for sending your son, Jesus. We can live and that is what you want for us. No matter where we are at in our physical, emotional or spiritual bodies you my Lord understand. Because you were Jesus perfect man and You are God. Oh how wondrous are your works. I tell many of your wonders or signs and many are like whoa. Many are like ok, sure. It was just a coincidence. Not that they say that but I wonder in my heart if in fact they think that. 

So that brings me to my reason for writing. There are no coincidences in Gods world. Get it? mone. none, none. God is all or nothing. He is in every intricate detail of our life, only look. Invite Him into every detail. If we see great and awesome; really more God power to us. If we do not see His grace is sufficient and we will see one day. We are being trained up into the image of Christ. God you are so wonderful.

In your signs one day you had someone put a rose on my windshield. The next day when I was feeling down you showed me a cross made of mud with a heart on it. How would anyone ever see that? No way. It was divine intervention. Sure it was a soccer cleat that made the cross and the heart was there. Then you had me meet a dear sister for lunch who was beside herself. You timed everything. Because that is how big you are. You show us and prepare the path. We go from glory to glory to faith to faith to blessed to bless, to love to love larger. You are amazing God. How could one not believe? Oh my Lord, thank You I am your child. A child of the King of Kings. Forgive my attitude of indifference. I am so flakey sometimes. I know in my heart you so love me. Because I do not see I do have have faith but when I am faithless you my Lord are still and always will be faithful. 2 timothy 2:3  

Do not lose heart dear brother and sister. Jesus loves you. Get it, get it deep into your heart.

His word is truth. His Bible tells us so use it. I love You. We are a works in progress. I think us humans are a mess in progress. Well this human but God does not think I am a mess. Only the devil lies. He tries to get me to believe it. There are times I may listen for a time. Today I know better. I am a child of Almighty God. How much better can it get? It does not. Hugs Galore. 

Love, Skye

Friday, April 4, 2014

Miss a promise to yourself. You are not lone ranger.

Well I am back on it. I am getting better at writing each day. In a few short days I notice my writing is gaining more confidence. Not that I am all good or all it but because of Christ. He is all it and all good. Oh praise Him. All glory to God.  

I did miss a couple of days. Not that I wanted to it was there was no time to get to the computer. I guess when you write and are very serious you must make the time. Such is life. Sometimes things change and cannot be helped but if we have a vision or a project or a dream we must be on it. If we miss it get back on the horse and get going, right. Although I know per experience the enemy of this world likes to discourage us. That is what he does. The devil lies to us. He is the father of lies. He wants us down, depressed, discouraged, desperate. He is evil and wicked. So to keep us from goals or God is on his agenda.

The good news is this. Our Lord God Jesus has already defeated the devil so we need not be frightened when we are children of God. Jesus knows and understands He will help us to get back up. But we must continue to renew our mind with thoughts of Him and keep on His Word. So we can grow stronger and build up our muscles. So we can toughen up against the enemies wicked ways. Oh he is ugly and hates anything that is good. Good is from Jesus. The devil hates God. He really hates Gods creation. Do not kid yourself. There is an enemy. Keep in the Word of Jesus. It is the only way to true peace in this life and complete joy. Jesus is the way, truth, and life. John 14:6

I have my grandson today. To make life easier on my daughter (single mom) I came over last night so she would not have to get the little guy up so early and could get a bit more rest. Her house is a mess. I usually surprise her and clean up and she is so grateful. I do understand she is such a busy woman. But again where are priorities? I may pitch in a bit here and have my precious 3 year old help me out. He loves to help. hmmmm. He does keep Nanny busy. He is the most blessed joy in my life. I praise God for him. I have another grandson but he lives about 3 hours away. I sure adore them both the same. I only wish I could see him more but grateful he is not as far away as are many grandchildren. It is such a blessing to be part of their lives. We play a big part in their little lives. Let us pray we are lights for them in this fallen world. The children need encouragement and the truth that Jesus is alive and our Savior. We all need encouragement. Amen. Remember proverbs, train a child up in the way they should go and when they are old they will not part from it, 

I do hope that you have a wonderful day no matter what you may be doing or whatever may come your way. Keep looking to the cross. Remember we have an Almighty God that truly cares. Our hope is in Him. In Him we are victorious not victims. Nothing is too much for Jesus. And if He be for us who then who can be against us? Jesus the name above all other names. None other will do!  Jesus saves our life if we choose to follow Him. So choose this day on who you will follow. Trust in Christ. Me too and let us have a blessed day. It is our choice right on dear friends. Lay your troubles at the throne of God. Let us be thankful in all things.  He is working for us. 

My Love, Skye

Monday, March 31, 2014

What is the point?

Well, I am back at it. I did miss a day of my writing session. No worries. I am not being tested although if I had written I probably would have got out of my own head. Writing helps us to do that. It was a low down day for me on Sunday. I am so blessed there was nothing in particular. I was just down. Felt kinda like a worm crawling in the dirt. You know like getting older, ugly and lies like that. The devil is the one that edges into our thoughts. Really we can have control. Not always easy but with practice it gets better.  Long ways to go but with God all things are possible. 

I woke today and before feet hit ground at 5 A.M. I started to pray. I asked the Holy Spirit to lead me. I then listened to a couple of pastors on Christian TV and then I read the word. Hebrews Chapter 1 to 7. What a wonderful book. You know every detail of every day our Lord has us covered?  When we miss His grace and mercies abound and He directs our path. Do not forget to ask Him so you can receive. James 5:1  Jesus is so precious He walks with me and He talks to me and He tells me I am His friend. Who in this world would so harden their heart to Jesus? I do not get it. Not that I was always a believer. I knew about God but that was about it. I am grateful my parents told us about God and made us go to church. Many do not go at all and some children have no clue that they are not alone in this life. How can a parent pass on what they do not have? Our God is faithful and will call those He calls but parents our kids so need Jesus. Times are just so wicked and evil. They need His help in every need. We all do. Praise God everyone will get the opportunity to accept or reject Jesus. Let us pray for the children it is when they out of the gate. 

I have no real point to this writing. I suppose I do. I take that back. Jesus Christ is my point. I could write about my wants and desires or something like that. But you know as I get older I realize that each breath is a gift. Each detail of our life is a gift. Everything is from God. We do have a part that is to serve Him. We are asked to be His light in a fallen world. So we need to take action it is His will. God knows His children. He loves to be in a relationship with us. He loves a sinner such as me. 

I do pray you have a wonderful day. If times are good or if they are lukewarm or very difficult and we get all above and more in life,  look to the Cross. No matter what is going on OK. Try it. I am on it today. Let us look to the cross at what Jesus had done for us. I love you. I hope to hear from you. 

My Love precious friends, Skye 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Starting Anew.

Hello Beloved. 

Well I am on day six. I am determined to finish out this goal. I am writing each day for thirty days. Just to refresh your memory or if you are just reading this for the first time I have been at writing for four years online. I love to write. Yet, I decided to teach myself. I know in my heart God has blessed me with writing but rebellious as I am it took this long to get the light and follow others instructions. God is the light and He works through others. Get it. Others that have been there.  So writers would tell me keep practicing and give many suggestions. Until you get it you just do not get it.  A seed is planted and hopefully take root in time. 

God turns all things for good. I hope you hear. If you write don't give up on your dream and follow those that inspire you and are pure and holy. Holy means set apart. Different from others. Like Spiritual different. God is the only way in this life. The only way. Really, I am over 6o years old and the world will tell you there are many ways but there are not. 

You must hear the word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. I am telling you God wants to bless you, today. He wants to give you so much. But like a father until we are ready to pass the test it is not happening. So go for it dear and beloved friends. Trust in Jesus and hear His voice. You will know Him. Because you are His. If you do not know Him think real hard. Do you want to live in a paradigm of crap the world offers and it is only getting worse or do you want to live knowing what the path is to a joyous and eternal life? John 10:10. I know you want the latter. We all do. We all want a joyous life. If not the devil has robbed you. But with Jesus if you are alive it is not to late to come to Him. You want your dreams to come to pass. Do it with Jesus. Temporal things mean nothing. They rot and get old. But Jesus will heal your wounds and take your guilt and shame and mend your broken heart. He will heal you and come to you. He only waits. Do not be too late ok. Young ones go for Jesus. Hear His voice and act on it. Because He is for us not against us. 

I wrote another hub today. I have been working on it for a couple of weeks. I did not have a clue I would finish it today but I did. It is published. It is different than my other writings. This is a love story about a puppy dog. But bottom line, it is about God. You know why because God is in all things. Yes, in each detail of our life. If you are any age try to get this. If you hear a small voice and it is good and pure it is probably the Holy Spirit. I am no expert but I am saved. If it is ugly like you are not good enough, it is a lie. If it is a voice that said you blew it blow them off. That is evil from the devil. See God so loves us that HE has the best for us. But we are so stubborn like the children in Israel. 

If I had one thing to do over it would be to be young like 10 years old but know what I know spiritually today. In other words saved and born again by the Spirit of God from above. Knowing Jesus died for me, rose from the dead and lives in me a I in Him and have a personal relationship with Him. It all starts with salvation asking Jesus into your heart. I would wish that for any young person today or any person any age not saved through Jesus Christ. Please hear and do not write this off.
God's wisdom is worth more than all the gold and or rubies. 

Well, I posted my link below and I really want you to go and read. With my love I write and thank you for stopping in . Do be so blessed. I  can't wait to see what God does in the next 30 days. He is always showing us things training us up in His image. He loves to bless His kids.  

My Love, Skye


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Transformation from low down.


Have you ever had a day where you felt like a worm crawling around on the dirt and you feel lower then dirt? Well, if that is the case maybe it is time to get the who you are in you fixed.  You are human if you are feeling this way and are having a super bad day, week, month or year then you must check out my worm and butterfly story. You are not a lone ranger as you probaly already know. We all go through times that are darn difficult. Life just does not come off real fair at times does it? You know what? The only fair that I know of is the one where you buy cotton candy.

There are times I have to take hold and crawl back upon the rock. I stretch out my hand and Jesus is there to grab onto it. God is the transformer.The worm transforms to caterpillar and then to a free and beautiful butterfly. God is like that with us. Sometimes we go through a storm but the rainbow always comes out. Our anchor will never leave us at a place that we can not handle for long. He comes in for His people. For those that love Him. He loves us and will turn all things for the good for those that love Him. 

Be encouraged and enlightened we have a Savior that loves us. We have an eternal home waiting for us in Heaven. What a big Alleluia that is, Amen and Amen? There is one that is faithful and true. His name is Jesus Christ. He is the fixer upper.

Love you, Skye 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Practice writing session.

Well here we go with my practice writing session.  I guess you could say I am keeping a journal. Might as well. One day maybe I will come back and go whoa have I grown from that season in my life. Some seasons are really difficult. It is the enemy and if we allow him to edge in he can really work at getting a grip on us. There is good news God says He will not allow us to be tempted by more than we can bear. In other words keep fighting the good fight. The devil does not own us God is our Father. That is if you have invited Him into your life as Lord and Savior. It is not to late until it is too late but that day could be tomorrow. We just do not know.

You can tell yourself as I do many times I will get to it but will it be on time? There is nothing more important on this planet than giving your life to Jesus Christ and allowing Him to come in and be your Lord and Savior. Truly, not only in this lifetime will the ride be smoother but in eternity. There is eternity for any of you knuckleheads that do not believe our spirits and souls go there. There are two sides of the gulf. One side heaven one side hell. We will go there until judgement day. Instantly when we die. We do not just blow away like a cloud of dust like life here was nothing but a few years. Oh that is a frightening thought to think all of this and we go to puff. Our bodies do go to dust. They are but clay vessels. They fall apart. They get old. But our spirits live on. So choose Jesus. You have heard today is the day of salvation. Well it is true. Why? Because tomorrow you could get run over and die. Morbid thought? Only if you do not know where you will go when you die for sure.  

God is opening doors all the time for you. Really there is no excuse to, not believe. All we have to do is look outside. And no Buddha or Allah or Muhammad did not create the planet. They do not promise us life after earth. Oops I take that back Allah says men with have a bunch of virgins if they die killing others. No not true. Where did he come up with that?  It is a lie from the devil. So what would woman get? Do they not count in Allah's world?  

Evolution is a joke. It is a tool that non believers have relished on. A reason for you to not believe. It has be proven and no one not one has ever dis-proved God. They never will. Because God is God. He was, He is and He will always be. The beauty, the miracles of nature. That is God. The ugly and the dark, evil and wicked that is the devil. Yep Satan rules the earth. He is god of this planet, but not for long.  Jesus will return and Jesus already beat him at the cross for you and for me. Yes Jesus did all this for us. He died on the cross than rose again. Now His Spirit lives in us and we in Him but we must choose. The Kingdom of God is here now if we choose. Do you want to know Him. Do your know Him? Can you leave me a comment and talk to me? I would so appreciate hearing from you. 

My day is going a bit better today. It really is a choice. I am feeling down low. I know this is a spiritual battle and the devil can take a hike to hell. He is doomed there already. I am just feeling like what matters?  Woe is me. Nothing I do seems to really matter. But that is a lie. If I just smile and tell someone God loves them that is doing Gods work. It is a matter of getting with it. Get out the punching ball. Beat the devil on the head. He will flee. We just keep going and look to the cross. Even on a good day look to the cross. Never stop looking. The blood of Jesus saved us and took all of our sin and misery. God forgive me for being low today. I am working on it. I know you love me. You love who ever reads this. You love everybody. You do not want to loose any to the evil one. You gave us free will to love you or not. Thank you for that and thank you for all of your wonderful blessings in my life. 

Favor on you and yours today. My love in Christ Jesus, your sister.  Skye  (aka Patti B)

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Older I Get.

This is the oddest time in my life. As I grow older each day time flies by like a hummingbird flickers around. I seem to spin in circles to and fro getting less d\one, as well. Some days just to shower has no motivation in it. I keep smiling and keep loving. I can do that. Only because God loved me first and His grace. But some days I feel like hiding under the covers because I don't get much done any way. Guess that is why I like to write. At least I can say I did something. I used to do allot like spend money I did not have. 

My health is not the best. I make the best out of it but I know it has slowed me down. The body really is a fragile vessel, is it not? We are clay jars and one slip the wrong way and we could crumble. One day we are all vibrant and youthful and the next day we are older and more fragile and life takes longer to do and there is much less time. Less time to accomplish what you would like to or focus on for Gods purpose. There is much less time to get with the program. It is no kidding when parents mentioned time really goes fast. 

My oh my it is a huge blessing God says to take it one day at a time. Putting another day on this day is just too much. I get into my head all the things I need to accomplish or woukl like too and often I do neither. I put off the calls or letters I need to write or business I need to take care of. It is like I am afraid. Afraid of what? I guess of taking care of business like the day will not get here that I need to face the issue. Procrastination is a sin. Truly it only hurts us. If you need to do something just do it. Do not put off until tomorrow. I am not a real good one to tell you that. I am just saying when you are younger work at it. Life will be easier for you in the long run. 

I have written a dozen articles on how Gods word tells us to avoid fear and then I get into it. I know better. It is not Gods will for us, I am my worst culprit.  I know I am putting things off I need to do. I just cant seem to motivate. Part of it is a health issue. But I find that is a poor excuse. I do not breath real good. I drag oxygen around with me. It used to be I could take my inhaler but now much of the time I have to wear 02. It is humbling as ever. I am getting used to it in many ways but most people have no idea I have COPD.  I quick hide my oxygen cord into my purse if I go in somewhere. Funny what pride can do to us. It is because I am embarrassed. I used to be a looker, now look at me.  Age does a number on these jars of clay. Life is fragile and sneaks up on you. Do not waste precious days. You will have a more joyous life it you take care of your health today. 

I can do allot when I use the 02. I am very grateful but I do not know what will happen in the future. I do not go there in my head often because there is not much I can do or can I? I pray for healing and I know God could heal me. I know His grace is on me and He gives me the life I have. He knows His reasons. I am humbled to be here. I was told by my Doctor he would give me the referral to Jewish Lung Center. I guess I do not want to do that. I just don't feel like going through the motions. That is low and now I will beat myself up. My daughters want me to go. I think there is not much they can do for me. Its a lousey attitude. God forgive me. God could really bless me. But if I do not go I will not know, right? 

I am going to close this post now. I am working at writing each day. It has to improve with practice. I tell my grandson not to give up and to keep practicing. He is three years old. Here I am sixty plus and I give up. Seems like yesterday I turned 50. This is how fast life goes. Do not mess around. Do not put off your dreams. I do not take myself to serious because I can not keep a promise to myself. I am so thankful for the grace of God on me. I know life is going forward. It is not going to stop here for me. 

I hope anyone who reads this prays allot and hears what the Spirit of God is moving you to do. The enemy of our lives will try to nudge in and tell us we are not good enough or what ever lie he comes up with. So we really need to fight our thoughts. Keep them on pure and lovely things. Not what we are or are not. The important thing in older age or any age  for that matter is to know whom we belong to. We are a child of God if we are saved meaning;  a born again Christian which is a believer. I do not know if you are. You may say well is this what I get to be when I grow up? No you have a choice. Just like me today no matter the age. 

Jesus is our hope. Eternal life with God is our home. Then sin will not be around. We will have peace. God sent Jesus to die for us. So we could live. This life has huge challenges and pain. The blessings with Jesus are not measurable to anything. He is the best ever. Without Him I was lost and would be really lost. I know where I am going when I depart the planet. The bible says in the latter days things will get worse. Evil and wickedness are on the rise. Life in the world is getting harder. Money, Medical and all the other issues are getting more and more. Jesus is our peace and hope in these challenging days. We can trust Him. We do have control of our thoughts. So I beg you if you are young do not go it alone on me, self and I.  Do not run your life into the ground. Get Jesus. You will have such a happier life. Then when you are my age you will be healthier and better for it. You can pass the good news on to your children and childrens children. They need hope. Man do people need hope. God help us all. God help them that do not know you. 

Well that's it on writing today. I do love you. If you get this word I wrote can you please leave me a comment. You do not need to say anything but, hey. I am just curious more than anything if this goes out and if anyone bothers to read my blog. Blah blog. JK. I am child of God. Really I am grateful. More than ever that Jesus loves me. And He loves you. We can have victory in Jesus. I have had it. Today is a difficult day. I have hope for tomorrow. I thought I would be embarrassed really opening up to you. But I am posting this. Does it really matter? You do not know me. But if you can get one word to help your life go for it. not. I am human and with errors and mistakes I am getting pruned by Jesus. For yourself start younger than I did. Please do it. Don't waste your life in evil or wickedness. Be right with Jesus. He will lead you. Just ask Him into your heart as Lord. 

May each day you walk this planet, the Lord be on you. On you with His favor and blessings. You got to know Him to get more of Him. His grace is amazing. He covered me all the years I was rebellious but you do not know when life could end. One day you will be my age in your sixtys and think of all God had for you that you wish you could have done earlier. He loves us still that is the good news. It is not too late. Start today with Jesus. Walk the walk with Him.  

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Beloved friends, I have been away from writing for a season. I do miss it so. I took a rest with my writing because nothing I wrote seemed to came together. Rather than fighting it I decided just to take some time and spend it with Jesus. I do not know why writers get the block but it happens. I hope to come back bolder and stronger for it. However it works out I am grateful because Jesus is so good and he loves us so  very
much. He will never leave nor forsake us. I do not have to beat myself up today for not publishing. God has his reasons. I do not always understand. Sometimes he reveals these things to us in time and other times I just need to go with the flow. I guess one gets tired of fighting with the flesh trying to push something that is not working at the time. 

May God bless you with his peace that transcends all understanding. Keep pressing forward in these most difficult times we live. Keep your eyes on Jesus.  Do not stay focused on the issue or problem look up to Jesus because he has it all worked out. Trust in him. Please go to my site and engage in a new read. My Love in Christ Jesus. Skye

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Face everything and rise.

My dear friends we have a choice; we can Forget Everything And  Run or Face Everything And Rise. Fear is from the enemy of this world. God is not the author or fear. So when fear tries to crop in and there are days it will it brings on anxiety. If you start to speak the word  a couple of scripture verses and stand on them your spirit will calm down. You will find you are in control of your thoughts.  They do not have to control us. We can put a stop to that noise and racket. Praise God for the next ten minutes when fear starts to penetrate your thoughts. You will be amazed at how God has blessed us by giving us authority to cast out the enemy of our souls.  Resist the devil and he will flee.  If you do not recall a scripture verse speak, 'Jesus Jesus Jesus' Say it until you can not say it any longer. Do not be shy. If you are in the 'office' no excuse God knows your thoughts. Whisper or thing good and lovely thoughts. Jesus is holy.  He is for you.. Get your thoughts on things that are lovely and pure. Take your mind from thoughts that are wicked or evil. They are lies from the enemy of our souls. If you practice this action your day will change. In time with faith it will get easier. Your can calm negative thoughts. You can calm yourself down. Did you know that Jesus tells us not to worry 365 times in His Word?  The Father does not want His kids anxious or worried. 

Prayer and thanksgiving are gifts to us from Almighty God. God has every answer we will need to live abundant life in His Holy Word.  It is a great idea to write a few scriptures on note cards. Keep them close to you.  When fear tries to lurk in take your eyes from the issue and focus on God.  He is truth and love. He wants His kids to come to Him. He wants to bless us and give us favor.  God will not make any come to Him. We have a choice to go to Him and honor and respect Him (to fear God) or we can stay in our sin or mud puddle and try on our own accord to work things out.  You will need every ounce of will power you can possibly muster up to handle life based on self and mans idea of peace.  Man markets peace. Man thinks money will take care of all things. No that is a lie. We all no many that have had plenty of money only to find themselves miserable and lonely. Something is missing when there is a hole in our hearts. It is the Holy Spirit of God. We all long for Jim. We were made in Gods image. God is the hole filler and chain breaker. There is no sin to big or tear too large that Jesus can not dry for you. There is no broken heart he cannot mend. There is no past he can not forgive and erase. There is no illness that runs in the family that He can break the curse. My Love, Skye2day

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Innocent or guilty

Good evening precious blogger. I do pray your day was filled in the peace of Jesus Christ. Some days are very challenging, Amen. But for the grace of God His mercies are new each day. So if you are having a difficult day today rise up tomorrow, it will get better. He will get us through. Stand on a couple of scriptures. One of my favorite is Phil 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I think most often our peace is so in proportion to our faith. And faith is something we need to practice. Kinda like playing the piano. The more we hear the more we play the better it sounds.We can always learn and grow. Faiths comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Romans 8:28.  God does not want to keep us where we are at He wants us to grow in understanding. He loves us too much to allow us to stagnate. He has work for us to do. 

I had a difficult day. I was feeling down. Like not good enough. My husband reminded me that God does not base His love on our works. Oh so true. If that were so none of us would earn  points. Since we are all sinners and fall short the Glory of God,  Amen. What is true is that God loves us because He is God. Creator of the Universe.  

Shortly after my husband mentioned his statement I decided to flip the switch on my attitude. Our thoughts are seeds we plant, Our words are seeds we plant. Our actions are seeds we plant in our gardens of Life. Jesus loves me and died for me and died for you. So we could have everlasting life and abundant life on planet earth. He is no respecter of people. He loves me and you. His love we can not begin to comprehend. By faith we know it is massive.  

I published a new story on  I would be thrilled if you took about five minutes to go and read it. I think you will like it. One thing for sure it does stir up your thoughts. Per the comments I am getting. I write for the cause of Christ. If you do stop in for a visit please vote and write me a comment. I would be very grateful.

You choose to have a blessed day. We do get to choose. No matter how difficult an issue may look look to Jesus He is more than capable of dealing with it any issue, person, place or thing. Our faith in Him can move mountains. Do not loose faith. Keep on. Give your problems to Him. Lay them on His lap.  Talk to Him about it and He will direct your path.  He does not want us afraid. He tells us about 365 times in the Bible. This is awesome news.  My love. Skye

Link Below.  Enjoy the photo from Google free images. God is amazing. How could one not believe?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Keep Going, Keep Standing.

Wow it has been months since I posted on my blog.  I am excited to write something.  I long for the passion to come back to write.  I think for me it is a matter of just doing it. I know there are thousands of things to write about. Many do just that write about whatever and pull it off rather well. My hats are off to them because you do have to keep at it to improve. Writing is an adventure of the heart and the roots go very deep.  

As freelance writers we are in control of what we put on paper. Perhaps over the last year I have been trying to hard. I know what is important to me to share. I even believe I know my purpose for writing. Truly that is a gift and I am ever so grateful. I do have what is called a 'niche'.  It did not come overnight but God led me and had His reasons for me to go online to write. He is so amazing. My topic is not the most popular in cyber world or the world for that matter so making a living at this is in Gods hands. I have not made a living at it. But God is my provision and supplies my needs. He is faithful and true. He has blessed me with His peace and love. Money does not buy God.  He loves to bless His children. He is our provision. I have made a few bucks here and there from Google or hubpages but nothing I could live on let alone eat on. But I do know one thing for certain. 

There is a God and each day I wake I find I long to know Him more. I find I need Him more. I love spending time with Him. Talking to Him and being in His presence. If you thirst go to Jesus. He is the living water. As I get older and the body ages I know I need Him more. Thank You Lord for being there. You truly are amazing and your grace and mercies are new each day.  I so love Abba Father and His son Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit of God abides in me and me in Him and I am eternally grateful for His direction. It is all God but each has a different part in my life but yet the same part. Sounds confusing if you do not know Jesus but really it is not. There is one God. He is a triune GOD. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

I am going to keep this simple today. Usually I am long winded but on my blog I do work at keeping my writing short. It is all good. As I tell my grandson keep going,  keep practicing. You will get better. Just do not give up.  If it is something you like and desire to do better keep going. Do not give in to I am not good enough or I can not do this. That is a down right lie from the enemy of our souls. There is an enemy and he wants all to be discouraged and oppressed.  He wants us to blame God for the pains in this life.  

We need to keep standing with Christ. Paul the apostle speaks about it in the New Testament many times over. He says keep going for the crown of glory. God is the rewarder and He does know our hearts.  If God has given us a desire to do something, than work on it. If it is good and pure and light than you will know.Only ask Him. Open the Bible and read it. God speaks to us in His word. You will find what you search for. The Spirit of God will nudge you. He will guide and direct you. Trust in Him and be still and know that He is Lord.  Rest in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart. Forgive others and love God. God only wants our love.

 Be willing to admit you are a sinner acknowledge it and ask Jesus into your heart as Lord.  We do not earn Gods love. He came for us sinners! To save us from sin. He will work on us. He is love so there is no bad in Him.  He has open arms go to Him if you do not know Him. Your life will change.  How freeing that you do not have to control life. Allow God because HE is in control. Many may think not but He still sits on the throne. Sure we will have footwork to do. God put us here to help others. He will put in your path what you need or who you need at the perfect timing.  

So as for me and myself I close for today. I do not know who will read this or if any will. The important thing is I love Jesus. I know my eternity. I know how ever difficult and challenging this world can get  I know I will be covered by Savior of the World. I am His daughter. How much better can it get to be a child of the Creator of the universe? It does not!  I know. I was not always a child of God. Choose Jesus this day. You do not have to go it alone. Talk to Jesus He waits at the door. Open it and He will come in and sup with you. Today is the day of Salvation. 

 My Love. Always In Christ Jesus. Skye

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trusting God!

Trusting God just how do we do that when our life seems to be caving in? Each one us has had to think of this question whether or not we know God.
Even the atheist has maded a decision not to trust God by literally denying His existence. If we are believers we can find ourselves up against a wall. There is no where to turn except to Him. We have exhausted all efforts. It could be that you came to know Christ because you had nowhere to turn. You made a choice to trust in God then. If you trusted Him to care for you and you have made Him your Lord and Saviour them remember that decision. Look at how far He has brought you.  God is faithful and true. His Word is undeniably perfect. What He says is truth.

We can trust in God. If you need encouragement or wonder if He has in fact heard your prayer, be assured. I have a new hub for you and I believe your heart will be touched just where it needs touching.  Not because I am good but because God is good

I love you and I know for undeniable fact that Jesus loves you. No matter how far down you may have come or how much you think you do not deserve Him Jesus loves you. He only wants our love.

My Love, Skye


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Are you nervous to share the Gospel?

I wrote a hub the other day and in it I noticed that my writing had more boldness than it had in my other writing. What had changed? I would like to think I am not nervours nor ashamed to share the Gospel of Grace but there are times I reserved words for another time so not to frighten anyone away. How prideful I could be. What has changed in me?  
Well when writing the hub,' 4 years at the hubs now what?' my mortality moved in my Spirit. We do not know what tomorrow could bring. It is easy to take life for granite. We all make plans for tomorrow and often times the plans change. I know this in my heart by experience. My plans never stay the same. With best intentions they change. ALways for the better. Gods way is far better than our finite minds can muster, Amen? 
We never do know what tomorrow could bring.
During the time I wrote the hub I was not feeling well. I was down with a flu like bug for two-three days. Very thankful on day three I was feeling well enough to put my fingers to the key board.
 God revealed much to me in those days. 
When I was really feeling ill I recall thinking what if I stay like this? When healing came through Christ I was so grateful for my health. It was like I jumped onto another level with the Holy Spirit. He does reveal to us Jesus. . I was just different. I felt I had more power. I did indeed. It was Holy Spirit power. I am not ashamed of the Gospel or to share it. If I have a chance to reach one soul with the love of Christ. I best be prepared to share the truth.
God builds us up in many ways. He uses our experiences to bring Him Glory and strengthn us. He speaks to us in His Word. He uses others to move on our hearts. He is everywhere. He is all powerful. He has already given us everything we need to be bold for Him.
I guess for me I had some breakin down to be done. I am sure there is more. I hope I never think I got it because wheat I got is Jesus, but we always grow in His likeness. It is a journey a process into the divine with Him. How precious is that a [ersonal relationship with Jesus? We have Him who abides in us. He sent us the Helper,the Hoy Spirit. How special is that?
 I can be prideful God does not like pride. I want to sound good enough. Well I know better. God is the only reason I am here today. He saved my life to give me life. How I have taken life which is so dear for granite is selfish.
I am forgiven and the Grace of God moves on me to mold and shape me for His Kingdom. It is like I long to serve Him and all along the way that has been my true hearts desire. I had allot of chipping away to go to get to Gods truth. In Glory He shines. He has Blessed this world with His grace and mercy. He is calling on lost souls to come to HIM. Many trample on the name of Jesus or comprimise His name and word.NO there is no comprimise in the cross. You either believe or you do not. If you do then rise up because we live in a world that so needs to hear. We will be persecuted. Christians are not a real popular lot. We may not be popular but we are not our powered. Please do not forget that.
 We are not in some popularity contest are we? If so maybe it is time to rethink that. God is our source and in the end HIS TRUTH will be revealed. He has already won the battle. Jesus is going to return. The signs are all arournd. Do not be shy to share teh Gospel of Christ. Rise up the Holy Spirit will fill you with His boldness. Ask Him. If you are nervous about sharing Jesus just think about what HE did for you and I at the cross. Do not be condemned, Jesus says there is no condemnation in Christ but what a shame if we hold back a word to not embarass ourself or another. Jesus is not ashamed of us. How could we be ashamed of Him. He is so good. His Love and Mercy and Grace are beyond measure. He is with us. He is for us. WHen you really get that God is for you, your works for Him will bloom.

In His Love, Grace, Mercy  Skye
Please go to my new story for more! I am honored you came over for a visit. Please do return. In the mean time know this. You are loved by and awesome God.

Never Limit what God can do for you.

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To Love Larger
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