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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

No coincidence in Gods World, none.

Me on my. I have not made the promise to myself. Thirty days of writing in a row on my blog. I made 8 days and skipped two. For reels, I tried on my own accord and I know I can not do anything on my own. In other words dear friend if you are reading this it is God who is my all. I know without Christ I am nothing. I can't even keep a simple promise to myself. I am not beating myself up. God does not beat us up. Only the devil beats us up and tells us we are no good. He is such a liar. We are so beautiful in God's eyes. We can not imagine His love so great. He is for His children not against us. Anyway I return to write. All for His Glory. Not mine trust me. It is about Jesus and what He has done for me. Not what I have done. Without Him I am swimming upstream with no life vest. 

God is so amazing. I have these days that I feel low down. Who does not? Even the most professed Christian has to experience trials and persecution because this is how we grow. No matter the profession God will use us and our testimony for His Glory. He is so amazing. We only need to rise at attempting His work for us. The rest will unfold. Us humans are so up and down. God knew it. That is why He sent His son so we would be forgiven our sin. Oh Sweet Jesus how awesome you are. You died for our sins and rose from the dead. You will return to rule and reign. I so look forward to that day sweet Jesus. Thank you God for sending your son, Jesus. We can live and that is what you want for us. No matter where we are at in our physical, emotional or spiritual bodies you my Lord understand. Because you were Jesus perfect man and You are God. Oh how wondrous are your works. I tell many of your wonders or signs and many are like whoa. Many are like ok, sure. It was just a coincidence. Not that they say that but I wonder in my heart if in fact they think that. 

So that brings me to my reason for writing. There are no coincidences in Gods world. Get it? mone. none, none. God is all or nothing. He is in every intricate detail of our life, only look. Invite Him into every detail. If we see great and awesome; really more God power to us. If we do not see His grace is sufficient and we will see one day. We are being trained up into the image of Christ. God you are so wonderful.

In your signs one day you had someone put a rose on my windshield. The next day when I was feeling down you showed me a cross made of mud with a heart on it. How would anyone ever see that? No way. It was divine intervention. Sure it was a soccer cleat that made the cross and the heart was there. Then you had me meet a dear sister for lunch who was beside herself. You timed everything. Because that is how big you are. You show us and prepare the path. We go from glory to glory to faith to faith to blessed to bless, to love to love larger. You are amazing God. How could one not believe? Oh my Lord, thank You I am your child. A child of the King of Kings. Forgive my attitude of indifference. I am so flakey sometimes. I know in my heart you so love me. Because I do not see I do have have faith but when I am faithless you my Lord are still and always will be faithful. 2 timothy 2:3  

Do not lose heart dear brother and sister. Jesus loves you. Get it, get it deep into your heart.

His word is truth. His Bible tells us so use it. I love You. We are a works in progress. I think us humans are a mess in progress. Well this human but God does not think I am a mess. Only the devil lies. He tries to get me to believe it. There are times I may listen for a time. Today I know better. I am a child of Almighty God. How much better can it get? It does not. Hugs Galore. 

Love, Skye
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