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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Living in Pain and Healing

My dear friends. Well I missed another couple of days at my goal. 30 days writing in a row. The first ten days and I made 6. Not bad. Tee Hee. I did have good excuse. I have been in and out of Doctors office and ER with horrible back pain. After running tests they found nothing. I am so grateful because my blood is in normal range. Me,yes me. I am over 55 years and to find nada is such a blessing. To have a normal CB blood work is amazing. It is because of God not me. Trust me I am not a health freak. 

Then the last test came in that evening. I did not know there was a last test. I was told to scurry to the ER for a scan. The Ddap test came back elevated and that could mean blood clot in the lungs. The pain did not subside There is nothing we can not do with Christ, Amen. But there are times He has others around to help us along our path. My sister took me to me to the ER. I was so grateful because I was shaking through the pain. Go figure. I really believed it to be my regular back pain and I did something to agitate it. Jesus told me no worries. He says so in His Word 365 times. I did not worry but truth is I was hurting and I sure did not need to drive myself because of pride. That is my most blaring defect pride and ego. Ugh. God is working on it and in His time our defects start to fall from us. He is so amazing. It is hard to admit this ole clay pot is not what it used to be. I dreamed of running around my grand kids but that has not happened. They run around me as it should be given they are 2 an 3 years old.

So my scan comes back negative. The doctor came in and released me. After a few hours there it was like you are ok see you goodbye. Go see your doctor. Oh here are a few more pills to help with pain. ER rooms are like that. They treated and released. I did not go see my doctor on Friday. I had it with doctors already. God forgive me. Like I am all it. No I am not all it but I think I knew that I knew it was low back related. 

The pain has not subsided. I have prayed and listened to the word of God all week. I have canceled appointments and laid back. I get so frustrated laying back but to be honest I had no choice. The pain was that intense.  I am standing on healing. I know the devil wants to take me down and it is not going to happen. I am fighting my dear brothers sisters friends. Jesus is the sword and I am using it. Am I perfect at it no not by a long shot. It is hard when in pain to say I am healed. I am healed because Jesus paid the price. He took all our infirmities. He took our pain and illness. He is a good God. He is such love.  He shed His blood so we could live and have an abundant life. So much depends on faith. Because faith moves mountains. God is love and understands but no faith does not please God.  He gave us His word and promises and we can all have healing. I often wondered why so many do not get healed?  I can not answer but I do know what Gods word says. I do know we will never graduate but we go from glory to glory faith to faith or hope to hope. 

Our hope and promise is one day no pain, tears, sickness, hunger. Jesus is  going to return. Be ready  my dear friends. Keep your heart in the word of God. Listen to His word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Do not give in to foolish idols or trusting the world. We can only trust what our Lord has done for us and His promise to care for us. He is our source. 

My love dear and precious friends. I am better this afternoon. Praise God.  Life is one change to another and we do not know the inbetween. We can make plans and they change, Amen? God never changes. He is the Good News of Salvation. Oh sweet Jesus thank you for your word and thank you for covering your children. We belong to the King of Kings. Do not forget it child of God.

My Love, Skye 

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