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Friday, April 4, 2014

Miss a promise to yourself. You are not lone ranger.

Well I am back on it. I am getting better at writing each day. In a few short days I notice my writing is gaining more confidence. Not that I am all good or all it but because of Christ. He is all it and all good. Oh praise Him. All glory to God.  

I did miss a couple of days. Not that I wanted to it was there was no time to get to the computer. I guess when you write and are very serious you must make the time. Such is life. Sometimes things change and cannot be helped but if we have a vision or a project or a dream we must be on it. If we miss it get back on the horse and get going, right. Although I know per experience the enemy of this world likes to discourage us. That is what he does. The devil lies to us. He is the father of lies. He wants us down, depressed, discouraged, desperate. He is evil and wicked. So to keep us from goals or God is on his agenda.

The good news is this. Our Lord God Jesus has already defeated the devil so we need not be frightened when we are children of God. Jesus knows and understands He will help us to get back up. But we must continue to renew our mind with thoughts of Him and keep on His Word. So we can grow stronger and build up our muscles. So we can toughen up against the enemies wicked ways. Oh he is ugly and hates anything that is good. Good is from Jesus. The devil hates God. He really hates Gods creation. Do not kid yourself. There is an enemy. Keep in the Word of Jesus. It is the only way to true peace in this life and complete joy. Jesus is the way, truth, and life. John 14:6

I have my grandson today. To make life easier on my daughter (single mom) I came over last night so she would not have to get the little guy up so early and could get a bit more rest. Her house is a mess. I usually surprise her and clean up and she is so grateful. I do understand she is such a busy woman. But again where are priorities? I may pitch in a bit here and have my precious 3 year old help me out. He loves to help. hmmmm. He does keep Nanny busy. He is the most blessed joy in my life. I praise God for him. I have another grandson but he lives about 3 hours away. I sure adore them both the same. I only wish I could see him more but grateful he is not as far away as are many grandchildren. It is such a blessing to be part of their lives. We play a big part in their little lives. Let us pray we are lights for them in this fallen world. The children need encouragement and the truth that Jesus is alive and our Savior. We all need encouragement. Amen. Remember proverbs, train a child up in the way they should go and when they are old they will not part from it, 

I do hope that you have a wonderful day no matter what you may be doing or whatever may come your way. Keep looking to the cross. Remember we have an Almighty God that truly cares. Our hope is in Him. In Him we are victorious not victims. Nothing is too much for Jesus. And if He be for us who then who can be against us? Jesus the name above all other names. None other will do!  Jesus saves our life if we choose to follow Him. So choose this day on who you will follow. Trust in Christ. Me too and let us have a blessed day. It is our choice right on dear friends. Lay your troubles at the throne of God. Let us be thankful in all things.  He is working for us. 

My Love, Skye
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