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Monday, March 31, 2014

What is the point?

Well, I am back at it. I did miss a day of my writing session. No worries. I am not being tested although if I had written I probably would have got out of my own head. Writing helps us to do that. It was a low down day for me on Sunday. I am so blessed there was nothing in particular. I was just down. Felt kinda like a worm crawling in the dirt. You know like getting older, ugly and lies like that. The devil is the one that edges into our thoughts. Really we can have control. Not always easy but with practice it gets better.  Long ways to go but with God all things are possible. 

I woke today and before feet hit ground at 5 A.M. I started to pray. I asked the Holy Spirit to lead me. I then listened to a couple of pastors on Christian TV and then I read the word. Hebrews Chapter 1 to 7. What a wonderful book. You know every detail of every day our Lord has us covered?  When we miss His grace and mercies abound and He directs our path. Do not forget to ask Him so you can receive. James 5:1  Jesus is so precious He walks with me and He talks to me and He tells me I am His friend. Who in this world would so harden their heart to Jesus? I do not get it. Not that I was always a believer. I knew about God but that was about it. I am grateful my parents told us about God and made us go to church. Many do not go at all and some children have no clue that they are not alone in this life. How can a parent pass on what they do not have? Our God is faithful and will call those He calls but parents our kids so need Jesus. Times are just so wicked and evil. They need His help in every need. We all do. Praise God everyone will get the opportunity to accept or reject Jesus. Let us pray for the children it is when they out of the gate. 

I have no real point to this writing. I suppose I do. I take that back. Jesus Christ is my point. I could write about my wants and desires or something like that. But you know as I get older I realize that each breath is a gift. Each detail of our life is a gift. Everything is from God. We do have a part that is to serve Him. We are asked to be His light in a fallen world. So we need to take action it is His will. God knows His children. He loves to be in a relationship with us. He loves a sinner such as me. 

I do pray you have a wonderful day. If times are good or if they are lukewarm or very difficult and we get all above and more in life,  look to the Cross. No matter what is going on OK. Try it. I am on it today. Let us look to the cross at what Jesus had done for us. I love you. I hope to hear from you. 

My Love precious friends, Skye 

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