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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Starting Anew.

Hello Beloved. 

Well I am on day six. I am determined to finish out this goal. I am writing each day for thirty days. Just to refresh your memory or if you are just reading this for the first time I have been at writing for four years online. I love to write. Yet, I decided to teach myself. I know in my heart God has blessed me with writing but rebellious as I am it took this long to get the light and follow others instructions. God is the light and He works through others. Get it. Others that have been there.  So writers would tell me keep practicing and give many suggestions. Until you get it you just do not get it.  A seed is planted and hopefully take root in time. 

God turns all things for good. I hope you hear. If you write don't give up on your dream and follow those that inspire you and are pure and holy. Holy means set apart. Different from others. Like Spiritual different. God is the only way in this life. The only way. Really, I am over 6o years old and the world will tell you there are many ways but there are not. 

You must hear the word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. I am telling you God wants to bless you, today. He wants to give you so much. But like a father until we are ready to pass the test it is not happening. So go for it dear and beloved friends. Trust in Jesus and hear His voice. You will know Him. Because you are His. If you do not know Him think real hard. Do you want to live in a paradigm of crap the world offers and it is only getting worse or do you want to live knowing what the path is to a joyous and eternal life? John 10:10. I know you want the latter. We all do. We all want a joyous life. If not the devil has robbed you. But with Jesus if you are alive it is not to late to come to Him. You want your dreams to come to pass. Do it with Jesus. Temporal things mean nothing. They rot and get old. But Jesus will heal your wounds and take your guilt and shame and mend your broken heart. He will heal you and come to you. He only waits. Do not be too late ok. Young ones go for Jesus. Hear His voice and act on it. Because He is for us not against us. 

I wrote another hub today. I have been working on it for a couple of weeks. I did not have a clue I would finish it today but I did. It is published. It is different than my other writings. This is a love story about a puppy dog. But bottom line, it is about God. You know why because God is in all things. Yes, in each detail of our life. If you are any age try to get this. If you hear a small voice and it is good and pure it is probably the Holy Spirit. I am no expert but I am saved. If it is ugly like you are not good enough, it is a lie. If it is a voice that said you blew it blow them off. That is evil from the devil. See God so loves us that HE has the best for us. But we are so stubborn like the children in Israel. 

If I had one thing to do over it would be to be young like 10 years old but know what I know spiritually today. In other words saved and born again by the Spirit of God from above. Knowing Jesus died for me, rose from the dead and lives in me a I in Him and have a personal relationship with Him. It all starts with salvation asking Jesus into your heart. I would wish that for any young person today or any person any age not saved through Jesus Christ. Please hear and do not write this off.
God's wisdom is worth more than all the gold and or rubies. 

Well, I posted my link below and I really want you to go and read. With my love I write and thank you for stopping in . Do be so blessed. I  can't wait to see what God does in the next 30 days. He is always showing us things training us up in His image. He loves to bless His kids.  

My Love, Skye


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