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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Practice writing session.

Well here we go with my practice writing session.  I guess you could say I am keeping a journal. Might as well. One day maybe I will come back and go whoa have I grown from that season in my life. Some seasons are really difficult. It is the enemy and if we allow him to edge in he can really work at getting a grip on us. There is good news God says He will not allow us to be tempted by more than we can bear. In other words keep fighting the good fight. The devil does not own us God is our Father. That is if you have invited Him into your life as Lord and Savior. It is not to late until it is too late but that day could be tomorrow. We just do not know.

You can tell yourself as I do many times I will get to it but will it be on time? There is nothing more important on this planet than giving your life to Jesus Christ and allowing Him to come in and be your Lord and Savior. Truly, not only in this lifetime will the ride be smoother but in eternity. There is eternity for any of you knuckleheads that do not believe our spirits and souls go there. There are two sides of the gulf. One side heaven one side hell. We will go there until judgement day. Instantly when we die. We do not just blow away like a cloud of dust like life here was nothing but a few years. Oh that is a frightening thought to think all of this and we go to puff. Our bodies do go to dust. They are but clay vessels. They fall apart. They get old. But our spirits live on. So choose Jesus. You have heard today is the day of salvation. Well it is true. Why? Because tomorrow you could get run over and die. Morbid thought? Only if you do not know where you will go when you die for sure.  

God is opening doors all the time for you. Really there is no excuse to, not believe. All we have to do is look outside. And no Buddha or Allah or Muhammad did not create the planet. They do not promise us life after earth. Oops I take that back Allah says men with have a bunch of virgins if they die killing others. No not true. Where did he come up with that?  It is a lie from the devil. So what would woman get? Do they not count in Allah's world?  

Evolution is a joke. It is a tool that non believers have relished on. A reason for you to not believe. It has be proven and no one not one has ever dis-proved God. They never will. Because God is God. He was, He is and He will always be. The beauty, the miracles of nature. That is God. The ugly and the dark, evil and wicked that is the devil. Yep Satan rules the earth. He is god of this planet, but not for long.  Jesus will return and Jesus already beat him at the cross for you and for me. Yes Jesus did all this for us. He died on the cross than rose again. Now His Spirit lives in us and we in Him but we must choose. The Kingdom of God is here now if we choose. Do you want to know Him. Do your know Him? Can you leave me a comment and talk to me? I would so appreciate hearing from you. 

My day is going a bit better today. It really is a choice. I am feeling down low. I know this is a spiritual battle and the devil can take a hike to hell. He is doomed there already. I am just feeling like what matters?  Woe is me. Nothing I do seems to really matter. But that is a lie. If I just smile and tell someone God loves them that is doing Gods work. It is a matter of getting with it. Get out the punching ball. Beat the devil on the head. He will flee. We just keep going and look to the cross. Even on a good day look to the cross. Never stop looking. The blood of Jesus saved us and took all of our sin and misery. God forgive me for being low today. I am working on it. I know you love me. You love who ever reads this. You love everybody. You do not want to loose any to the evil one. You gave us free will to love you or not. Thank you for that and thank you for all of your wonderful blessings in my life. 

Favor on you and yours today. My love in Christ Jesus, your sister.  Skye  (aka Patti B)
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