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Monday, March 24, 2014

The Older I Get.

This is the oddest time in my life. As I grow older each day time flies by like a hummingbird flickers around. I seem to spin in circles to and fro getting less d\one, as well. Some days just to shower has no motivation in it. I keep smiling and keep loving. I can do that. Only because God loved me first and His grace. But some days I feel like hiding under the covers because I don't get much done any way. Guess that is why I like to write. At least I can say I did something. I used to do allot like spend money I did not have. 

My health is not the best. I make the best out of it but I know it has slowed me down. The body really is a fragile vessel, is it not? We are clay jars and one slip the wrong way and we could crumble. One day we are all vibrant and youthful and the next day we are older and more fragile and life takes longer to do and there is much less time. Less time to accomplish what you would like to or focus on for Gods purpose. There is much less time to get with the program. It is no kidding when parents mentioned time really goes fast. 

My oh my it is a huge blessing God says to take it one day at a time. Putting another day on this day is just too much. I get into my head all the things I need to accomplish or woukl like too and often I do neither. I put off the calls or letters I need to write or business I need to take care of. It is like I am afraid. Afraid of what? I guess of taking care of business like the day will not get here that I need to face the issue. Procrastination is a sin. Truly it only hurts us. If you need to do something just do it. Do not put off until tomorrow. I am not a real good one to tell you that. I am just saying when you are younger work at it. Life will be easier for you in the long run. 

I have written a dozen articles on how Gods word tells us to avoid fear and then I get into it. I know better. It is not Gods will for us, I am my worst culprit.  I know I am putting things off I need to do. I just cant seem to motivate. Part of it is a health issue. But I find that is a poor excuse. I do not breath real good. I drag oxygen around with me. It used to be I could take my inhaler but now much of the time I have to wear 02. It is humbling as ever. I am getting used to it in many ways but most people have no idea I have COPD.  I quick hide my oxygen cord into my purse if I go in somewhere. Funny what pride can do to us. It is because I am embarrassed. I used to be a looker, now look at me.  Age does a number on these jars of clay. Life is fragile and sneaks up on you. Do not waste precious days. You will have a more joyous life it you take care of your health today. 

I can do allot when I use the 02. I am very grateful but I do not know what will happen in the future. I do not go there in my head often because there is not much I can do or can I? I pray for healing and I know God could heal me. I know His grace is on me and He gives me the life I have. He knows His reasons. I am humbled to be here. I was told by my Doctor he would give me the referral to Jewish Lung Center. I guess I do not want to do that. I just don't feel like going through the motions. That is low and now I will beat myself up. My daughters want me to go. I think there is not much they can do for me. Its a lousey attitude. God forgive me. God could really bless me. But if I do not go I will not know, right? 

I am going to close this post now. I am working at writing each day. It has to improve with practice. I tell my grandson not to give up and to keep practicing. He is three years old. Here I am sixty plus and I give up. Seems like yesterday I turned 50. This is how fast life goes. Do not mess around. Do not put off your dreams. I do not take myself to serious because I can not keep a promise to myself. I am so thankful for the grace of God on me. I know life is going forward. It is not going to stop here for me. 

I hope anyone who reads this prays allot and hears what the Spirit of God is moving you to do. The enemy of our lives will try to nudge in and tell us we are not good enough or what ever lie he comes up with. So we really need to fight our thoughts. Keep them on pure and lovely things. Not what we are or are not. The important thing in older age or any age  for that matter is to know whom we belong to. We are a child of God if we are saved meaning;  a born again Christian which is a believer. I do not know if you are. You may say well is this what I get to be when I grow up? No you have a choice. Just like me today no matter the age. 

Jesus is our hope. Eternal life with God is our home. Then sin will not be around. We will have peace. God sent Jesus to die for us. So we could live. This life has huge challenges and pain. The blessings with Jesus are not measurable to anything. He is the best ever. Without Him I was lost and would be really lost. I know where I am going when I depart the planet. The bible says in the latter days things will get worse. Evil and wickedness are on the rise. Life in the world is getting harder. Money, Medical and all the other issues are getting more and more. Jesus is our peace and hope in these challenging days. We can trust Him. We do have control of our thoughts. So I beg you if you are young do not go it alone on me, self and I.  Do not run your life into the ground. Get Jesus. You will have such a happier life. Then when you are my age you will be healthier and better for it. You can pass the good news on to your children and childrens children. They need hope. Man do people need hope. God help us all. God help them that do not know you. 

Well that's it on writing today. I do love you. If you get this word I wrote can you please leave me a comment. You do not need to say anything but, hey. I am just curious more than anything if this goes out and if anyone bothers to read my blog. Blah blog. JK. I am child of God. Really I am grateful. More than ever that Jesus loves me. And He loves you. We can have victory in Jesus. I have had it. Today is a difficult day. I have hope for tomorrow. I thought I would be embarrassed really opening up to you. But I am posting this. Does it really matter? You do not know me. But if you can get one word to help your life go for it. not. I am human and with errors and mistakes I am getting pruned by Jesus. For yourself start younger than I did. Please do it. Don't waste your life in evil or wickedness. Be right with Jesus. He will lead you. Just ask Him into your heart as Lord. 

May each day you walk this planet, the Lord be on you. On you with His favor and blessings. You got to know Him to get more of Him. His grace is amazing. He covered me all the years I was rebellious but you do not know when life could end. One day you will be my age in your sixtys and think of all God had for you that you wish you could have done earlier. He loves us still that is the good news. It is not too late. Start today with Jesus. Walk the walk with Him.  
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