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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Face everything and rise.

My dear friends we have a choice; we can Forget Everything And  Run or Face Everything And Rise. Fear is from the enemy of this world. God is not the author or fear. So when fear tries to crop in and there are days it will it brings on anxiety. If you start to speak the word  a couple of scripture verses and stand on them your spirit will calm down. You will find you are in control of your thoughts.  They do not have to control us. We can put a stop to that noise and racket. Praise God for the next ten minutes when fear starts to penetrate your thoughts. You will be amazed at how God has blessed us by giving us authority to cast out the enemy of our souls.  Resist the devil and he will flee.  If you do not recall a scripture verse speak, 'Jesus Jesus Jesus' Say it until you can not say it any longer. Do not be shy. If you are in the 'office' no excuse God knows your thoughts. Whisper or thing good and lovely thoughts. Jesus is holy.  He is for you.. Get your thoughts on things that are lovely and pure. Take your mind from thoughts that are wicked or evil. They are lies from the enemy of our souls. If you practice this action your day will change. In time with faith it will get easier. Your can calm negative thoughts. You can calm yourself down. Did you know that Jesus tells us not to worry 365 times in His Word?  The Father does not want His kids anxious or worried. 

Prayer and thanksgiving are gifts to us from Almighty God. God has every answer we will need to live abundant life in His Holy Word.  It is a great idea to write a few scriptures on note cards. Keep them close to you.  When fear tries to lurk in take your eyes from the issue and focus on God.  He is truth and love. He wants His kids to come to Him. He wants to bless us and give us favor.  God will not make any come to Him. We have a choice to go to Him and honor and respect Him (to fear God) or we can stay in our sin or mud puddle and try on our own accord to work things out.  You will need every ounce of will power you can possibly muster up to handle life based on self and mans idea of peace.  Man markets peace. Man thinks money will take care of all things. No that is a lie. We all no many that have had plenty of money only to find themselves miserable and lonely. Something is missing when there is a hole in our hearts. It is the Holy Spirit of God. We all long for Jim. We were made in Gods image. God is the hole filler and chain breaker. There is no sin to big or tear too large that Jesus can not dry for you. There is no broken heart he cannot mend. There is no past he can not forgive and erase. There is no illness that runs in the family that He can break the curse. My Love, Skye2day

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