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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Innocent or guilty

Good evening precious blogger. I do pray your day was filled in the peace of Jesus Christ. Some days are very challenging, Amen. But for the grace of God His mercies are new each day. So if you are having a difficult day today rise up tomorrow, it will get better. He will get us through. Stand on a couple of scriptures. One of my favorite is Phil 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I think most often our peace is so in proportion to our faith. And faith is something we need to practice. Kinda like playing the piano. The more we hear the more we play the better it sounds.We can always learn and grow. Faiths comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Romans 8:28.  God does not want to keep us where we are at He wants us to grow in understanding. He loves us too much to allow us to stagnate. He has work for us to do. 

I had a difficult day. I was feeling down. Like not good enough. My husband reminded me that God does not base His love on our works. Oh so true. If that were so none of us would earn  points. Since we are all sinners and fall short the Glory of God,  Amen. What is true is that God loves us because He is God. Creator of the Universe.  

Shortly after my husband mentioned his statement I decided to flip the switch on my attitude. Our thoughts are seeds we plant, Our words are seeds we plant. Our actions are seeds we plant in our gardens of Life. Jesus loves me and died for me and died for you. So we could have everlasting life and abundant life on planet earth. He is no respecter of people. He loves me and you. His love we can not begin to comprehend. By faith we know it is massive.  

I published a new story on  I would be thrilled if you took about five minutes to go and read it. I think you will like it. One thing for sure it does stir up your thoughts. Per the comments I am getting. I write for the cause of Christ. If you do stop in for a visit please vote and write me a comment. I would be very grateful.

You choose to have a blessed day. We do get to choose. No matter how difficult an issue may look look to Jesus He is more than capable of dealing with it any issue, person, place or thing. Our faith in Him can move mountains. Do not loose faith. Keep on. Give your problems to Him. Lay them on His lap.  Talk to Him about it and He will direct your path.  He does not want us afraid. He tells us about 365 times in the Bible. This is awesome news.  My love. Skye

Link Below.  Enjoy the photo from Google free images. God is amazing. How could one not believe?
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