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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Keep Going, Keep Standing.

Wow it has been months since I posted on my blog.  I am excited to write something.  I long for the passion to come back to write.  I think for me it is a matter of just doing it. I know there are thousands of things to write about. Many do just that write about whatever and pull it off rather well. My hats are off to them because you do have to keep at it to improve. Writing is an adventure of the heart and the roots go very deep.  

As freelance writers we are in control of what we put on paper. Perhaps over the last year I have been trying to hard. I know what is important to me to share. I even believe I know my purpose for writing. Truly that is a gift and I am ever so grateful. I do have what is called a 'niche'.  It did not come overnight but God led me and had His reasons for me to go online to write. He is so amazing. My topic is not the most popular in cyber world or the world for that matter so making a living at this is in Gods hands. I have not made a living at it. But God is my provision and supplies my needs. He is faithful and true. He has blessed me with His peace and love. Money does not buy God.  He loves to bless His children. He is our provision. I have made a few bucks here and there from Google or hubpages but nothing I could live on let alone eat on. But I do know one thing for certain. 

There is a God and each day I wake I find I long to know Him more. I find I need Him more. I love spending time with Him. Talking to Him and being in His presence. If you thirst go to Jesus. He is the living water. As I get older and the body ages I know I need Him more. Thank You Lord for being there. You truly are amazing and your grace and mercies are new each day.  I so love Abba Father and His son Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit of God abides in me and me in Him and I am eternally grateful for His direction. It is all God but each has a different part in my life but yet the same part. Sounds confusing if you do not know Jesus but really it is not. There is one God. He is a triune GOD. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

I am going to keep this simple today. Usually I am long winded but on my blog I do work at keeping my writing short. It is all good. As I tell my grandson keep going,  keep practicing. You will get better. Just do not give up.  If it is something you like and desire to do better keep going. Do not give in to I am not good enough or I can not do this. That is a down right lie from the enemy of our souls. There is an enemy and he wants all to be discouraged and oppressed.  He wants us to blame God for the pains in this life.  

We need to keep standing with Christ. Paul the apostle speaks about it in the New Testament many times over. He says keep going for the crown of glory. God is the rewarder and He does know our hearts.  If God has given us a desire to do something, than work on it. If it is good and pure and light than you will know.Only ask Him. Open the Bible and read it. God speaks to us in His word. You will find what you search for. The Spirit of God will nudge you. He will guide and direct you. Trust in Him and be still and know that He is Lord.  Rest in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart. Forgive others and love God. God only wants our love.

 Be willing to admit you are a sinner acknowledge it and ask Jesus into your heart as Lord.  We do not earn Gods love. He came for us sinners! To save us from sin. He will work on us. He is love so there is no bad in Him.  He has open arms go to Him if you do not know Him. Your life will change.  How freeing that you do not have to control life. Allow God because HE is in control. Many may think not but He still sits on the throne. Sure we will have footwork to do. God put us here to help others. He will put in your path what you need or who you need at the perfect timing.  

So as for me and myself I close for today. I do not know who will read this or if any will. The important thing is I love Jesus. I know my eternity. I know how ever difficult and challenging this world can get  I know I will be covered by Savior of the World. I am His daughter. How much better can it get to be a child of the Creator of the universe? It does not!  I know. I was not always a child of God. Choose Jesus this day. You do not have to go it alone. Talk to Jesus He waits at the door. Open it and He will come in and sup with you. Today is the day of Salvation. 

 My Love. Always In Christ Jesus. Skye
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