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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trusting God!

Trusting God just how do we do that when our life seems to be caving in? Each one us has had to think of this question whether or not we know God.
Even the atheist has maded a decision not to trust God by literally denying His existence. If we are believers we can find ourselves up against a wall. There is no where to turn except to Him. We have exhausted all efforts. It could be that you came to know Christ because you had nowhere to turn. You made a choice to trust in God then. If you trusted Him to care for you and you have made Him your Lord and Saviour them remember that decision. Look at how far He has brought you.  God is faithful and true. His Word is undeniably perfect. What He says is truth.

We can trust in God. If you need encouragement or wonder if He has in fact heard your prayer, be assured. I have a new hub for you and I believe your heart will be touched just where it needs touching.  Not because I am good but because God is good

I love you and I know for undeniable fact that Jesus loves you. No matter how far down you may have come or how much you think you do not deserve Him Jesus loves you. He only wants our love.

My Love, Skye

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