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Monday, November 30, 2009

Stop & Share

Are you sick and tired of work at home sites? Most want money to get started. Who has money that is looking for work? This never made much sense to me $$. I went online looking for a home based business to earn a much needed income. I am not a genius at tech skills. I am grateful I had little to invest. I was approached by 'experts' that would direct my path .I was baited in a few times. I worked very hard to learn marketing skills. I followed directions. My labor availed no income. I was told I needed to purchase this our that to move ahead. Everyone had the answer for a price. I went through some hard growing pains. The Lord had my back. I was humbled. I surrendered. If I had it to do again a class a the community college would have been a worthy cause. I pressed forward. I felt there was something I was to be doing all this for. I did not throw in the towel I persevered. I kicked off the dust and with Christ at the head of the wheel I landed on hubpages. He tells us in his word he can turn all things for the good for those that love him. These are the most difficult times we live in. Many homes are upside down because they have lost jobs or had to deal with huge pay cuts. There is plenty to go around for all. Where ever there is good there is bad. The enemy wants to throw you off.. Be cautious of the wolves that try to bait you. There are some wonderful individuals that do care but trust your inner source. Do not let 'fear' rule as it did for me

When I was 15 years old I found I had a passion to write. It was my only interest other then boys. (laugh) I started college to go into Journalism and Creative writing. I left college because I also met the love of my life at that time.  I needed to work so I left school.. To shorten the journey in between I married. I have three beautiful daughters. My writing went to the back burner for many years. I forgot I loved to write. Oh silly me. When a dream or a seed is put on the heart the creator has put it there for a reason. I am so grateful Christ has opened windows for me to write again. If you need to do something while looking for work or to help supplement income hub pages is a free ticket to write. You can write your heart out, be heard, get published and earn money. There are no dues, no fees ever to join the community of 60,000 plus writers. Write about anything, everything. Do you love to cook, garden, teach, paint? You catch my drift the sky is the limit. It does take time to earn on hub pages, but you never know what windows may open. God has a plan for your life. If someone tells you there is a quick fix on line to earn my suggestion is to run fast. This is based on my experience. I was in debt over $900 to one company and told I could be a very wealthy woman in as little as a year. Not.

 I hope my experience might inspire or encourage you to take steps to a new venture. rust God and listen to the small, still voice. You will be led. If you have fallen down shake off the dust. Never give up on a dream or vision. It is there for a reason. It is a very good thing to step out of the box and try something new. We all have many creative gifts born inside of us. Most of us go to the grave leaving many unopened. Because of God's grace and mercy he has already Blessed us. If anyone is down or discouraged read the first two chapters of Ephesians. I started my writing journey on hubpages eight months ago. I have learned about God's goodness and love for me. I am eternally grateful. Writing has opened my heart to new revelations. I have learned much about many topics. I have a host of new friends. I have been Blessed to help others that are hurting. I am very grateful. I get to inspire and encourage. I share my story. You can share anything. You never know whose heart you could touch..  You will reap the rewards. If you have a desire to develop writing skills or share your passion or gift go for it. I know for me writing takes me from myself, into a place of what God desires for me.

My Love. Be Blessed. skye

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