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Monday, March 22, 2010

Never Never Give UP

This is a true short story. This event unfolded right in between my eyes. I have found on my writing journey that I write what is deep inside of me. I know when I write from the heart people can relate. When it is a true experience no one can argue with that. This is the advantage of a writer. I am presenting material to help you in these troubled times of life. I sincerely hope that though me you may find hope where there is none. I have been on many miles. I know little. I do know what I have experienced and where I have grown. It is but for the Grace of God I survived all these years of bodily abuse. I do hope that you pursue what lies inside of you to share with others. Some are very well written in sharing travel adventures, tech. skills, retailing the list goes on and on. Write what you know and share it with the world. You have nothing to loose but everything to gain. This is my nickles worth today.

May you be blessed on your journey. I have a link below to a favored story. I think it was the spiritual growth I favored and how God works. It just brought me closer to the love we have in the living God, Jesus Christ. Well Amen sister or brother. Please read and be inspired.

To Love Larger

To Love Larger
He Can

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Sharing the Love