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Sunday, August 29, 2010

God Shining His Glory

                                        God Shining His Glory

This is a true story of getting through pain. We are not alone. It is all around us. It can be a daily battle or we can choose to be free. What do you do when you struggle? There is no mistake we live in perilous times today. Many believe it will get better in the 'WORLD'  Will it get better.? There  is no guarantee from anyone that can not change in a moments time.. There is one that does not change. His name is Jesus. If you do not know him why do you not try him? If you life is all peachy keen and you are doing fine on your own then my hat is off to you. It really is. You could believe it all comes from within. We depend on ourselves to get us through. Positive thinking. Higher thought so on. This is all good but does is work? What is the truth  and how do I know?

Well, if you are curious take go over for a read. Take a risk, open your heart. You may know the Father and maybe need a bit of encouragement. I know about that. I am human. I am only made righteous through the eyes of Jesus. So if you feel stirred please link to my story on hubpages and enjoy the read.

                    Many Blessings on your journey

                                      Love Skye
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