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Friday, August 6, 2010

Write for Income, No fees ever

If you are a wanna be writer, a newbie, an expertise, a published author or a writer in practice I recommend If there has been a seed placed on your heart to write maybe you are to be reading this post right now for a reason.
I was led to hub pages by divine intervention after spending months online trying to affiliate or network market. I availed little to none in 'guarenteed' income but got much heartache. I went on a wild goose chase for close to a year. My determination to try and earn any income for my household that was falling over nearly sent me over the edge. In the process of grieving much loss, I lost who I was. 

When one is feeling desperate the wolves seem to show up at each turn. I know that on my own accord I am in a dangerous neighborhood. Without God I am lost. I was so confused and heartbroke I would spin my wheels and get into another free offer to learn tech skills so I could market on line and make a fortune in no time flat. It was always a big come on. Come on and let me take you for a ride. Pay me and pay me some more to learn how to get wealth. It was all a big cheat. God is not the author of confusion. The adversary is the liar, thief and destroyer. He wants to destroy because Christ loves us.

I was humbled to my knees. I was rescued by the King of Kings. He comes for 'his' sheep. I just had to try and do it my way. We have free will. I was kidding myself believing I was doing Gods will. My heart was not into this game of get wealth fast. I know better. I can be my own worst enemy. My training and direction needs to come from the Savior.
If you have a niche or what I call a passion that is probably what you are to be doing.
 God loves diversity. He made us all different with different gifts. I had a passion to write. I will not share the whole story. You can find it on any of my writings at I believe you will be inspired so if you get a whim go and read a story or two or three. When I allowed God to step in and released control of what I thought I wanted to do everything including my heart started to change. I would not trade the experience as hard as it was, because of it I can share my experience with others and hope many will be spared some pain. 

So for now think it over. Is writing your passion? Do you want to find out? Do you know? Do you have something special you think others could benefit from?Do you Garden, can  cook, bake? Do you teach? Are you into politics? Do you like to make jewelry? Do you love natural remedies? DO you want to write for Christ? Take a look at my pages and do return. Check out hubages, read about it. There are no dues or fees ever to join. You can earn income. Some earn faster then others but do not count on a huge amount not for a while. It can be done but remember Rome was not built in a day. Think of a special pen name for yourself. Once you choose one at hubpages it cannot be changed. Make sure it fits the shoe you wear. The link is below.
If you sign up for hubpages please do so under my pages. I will get credited. When you go to my profile. Click join on top or scroll to the bottom of the profile page and click join now.


Please return  we can share our journey's.
My Love and Blessings for an awesome ride.

My Love, Skye
(aka Patti  I  prefer Skye, my pen name).

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