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Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Knit You In Your Mothers Womb

I have been Blessed to add a Grandparent onto my titles. The joy is truly unmeasurable and a Gift from God. I have been told in my life many times what a wondrous event it is to be a Grandparent. Although I can relate it is difficult to comprehend something to its fullest if you have not been there or experienced the event.

 It is God at HIS creation. I believe it is the most miraculous event on Earth. There are beautiful miracles all the time. Thank You Lord. Over History and throughout time this has been and will be Miraculous. God is amazing wonderful Love and wonderment

I invite you to read my dedication to Jayce. I have been offline for some time as I have been busy helping my daughter and her boyfriend. I pray that all your days be Blessed with the Love of the Lord.

You are amazing and created for a reason and a plan. As we all are!!

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