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Friday, December 3, 2010

to join hubpages

                                                            Write Your Heart Out
 If you have a desire to share your hearts colors then join hubpages and write your heart out. Be heard, share your gifts with the world. Be heard. Let your light shine. Share your ups your downs. Share your love for nature. Share your knowledge or journey.

There is a an avenue into the heart and writing will truly take you there. So if you are a novice a wanna be, or expert or just want to share your heart then you have nothing to loose but everything to gain.

There are no fees or dues on hubpages. There are no surprises. You will meet a host of friends and trust me hang on for the ride. For me it has changed my life. I discovered what I was to be when I grew up. You will be Blessed as you Bless others. You will have support and encouragement.

God made no two alike so open the box of treasures and discover all the gifts you have to share. Join in the fun. You can earn income with diligence and work. It does not happen overnight. Some earn faster, some not so fast.

You need no tech skills you will be guided through. Think of a great pen name because you can not change it. So be clever. I  pray you jump aboard if you feel led then, there is a reason. Help someone and in doing so you too will be helped , Let the love shine on. Everyone had to start on hubpages so get on with it . Hang on for an awesome ride. May your days Be Blessed in wisdom and the Love of Christ. I do promise you this when you write your life will change. skye2day
 Please join under my pen name I will earn a few perks. Thank You, Much Love!                                 

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