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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Brand New Toy.

                               Base on a true story. If you did not see the picture I do not think you could guess the toy until the end. That was my hope and prayer at my attempt at this poem. The words were given to me and went off inside my heart. It is a wonderful thing and if you have been there you know of what I speak the Holy Spirit is so dear. So please click the link above and do enjoy the ride. I pray your new year is Blessed from above and you might find the answer inside the poem I wrote especially for you because if you landed here that is no mistake God means to touch you. How sweet is that? To know how you are loved what are the chances of you landing here it is only from above. No one does find my blogs and for this I do not understand. I keep going at it and getting the practice in. SO beloved you are dear and the Lord does love us so. I cant believe He sent you here to read my poem. Please let me know if you were touched or think I should not write any longer. I will accept what you write to me but if you do not I will never see. Is this a gift from above was one touched that the Lord thinks of. I pray Lord that one comes here because if they do and I do hear I will be blown away and my Dear lord it is true. NO one comes to my blog and I wonder what is the reason. I come to share your love and I get frustrated I must do a terrible job or some think I am contagious. I do not know. Are they scared that I love GOD and they care to have none. Or is my writing so poor they just quickly move on. In Love and appreciation,

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Love You,
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