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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Edward John - Sorry

   Isorry very very sorry God. A song for the humble, that would be me. I always blow it. I am working on it. In Christ. Are You. Love and Peace. May Christ make His face to shine favor on you today and always. Skye.

Lord I am sorry really, really sorry I did not mean to hurt you because of my selfish pride, forgive me, please forgive me. It only takes my joy away. I am sorry very, very sorry. We all have times in life when we blow it and know it. In humility we crawl to Jesus. He is the Redeemer. He is the picker upper. No matter our foolish pride He is there for us. Do not be stranded because of foolish pride. Jesus is the way truth and life to everlasting life. He has defeated the devil for us. We do not need to keep hurting. No matter how far down the scale you feel you have gone there is one that loves you unconditionally. He will never, never leave you or hurt you. Please hear the song above by Edward John. If you have an apology then take care of it. It is for your own good. If you need to repent to God do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. You do not know what tomorrow may bring. You have now. Grab a Kleenex, let your heart lead you. If you do not know Jesus Christ He waits at the door. Just knock and talk to him. He is Gods son, sent for our sins. Jesus Christ the anointed one, waits for you. God wants no one to perish. 

You know God has plans for your life. Do you have a vision or dream or goal? Who put it there? God did. It may be buried but it is not to late to reach out for the Lord and Savior and reach for your dreams . I once was lost then found. 

 If you desire I will pray for you. Please leave a comment, email or post. Do not go it alone when there are many that will be there with you. God works through His Children. Are you Gods child? Do you belong to His family? The call is free.The ticket to heaven is free. Jesus paid the price on the cross at Calvary. My life and heart was made new yours can be made new too.   God is no respecter of people. You are loved by an awesome God.

I write stories for the cause of Christ. I invite you to go to my profile and scroll down, pick a story to read and be Blessed. In His name Jesus Christ. I am into Sharing the Love of God. There is plenty to go around. Skye
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