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Friday, March 11, 2011

'The scariest moment is always before you start' 
Stephen King

Super Writer's Tips
Write Your heart out. Share your colors with the world. There are never dues or fees to join or be heard. From the Novice writer to the expert you have something to share. This is a great place for a wann be writer to start.  I joined hubpages 3 years ago and my life has been changed. You will not get rich, but with work and dilegence you can earn in come in time. You can be heard, get publeished and earn money. Writing is a gateway to the heart. So do not be shy, follow your dreams.
No need for tech skills, hubpages will walk you through. Believe me if I did it anyone can do it.
Only Believe

To visit my stories go to my profile page and scroll down and pick a story to read. I believe you will be Blessed and refreshed. Get a bit of encouragement. You are beautiful

If you have writers block check out these free tips.
These will help remove the BLOCK writers that is. Pay it forward. ENJOY!!


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To Love Larger
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