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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Condition of the Heart

May the peace of God keep your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.
Did you know the Bible considers the heart to be the inner core of our personality?

Maybe in your life time you have been known to have a hard heart. You have your rightful belief and opinion and are proud of it, thank you. Perhaps you are known to have a humble heart or a heart like King Davids; a man after Gods own heart. Maybe others perceive you as a sweet heart or one with a heart of gold. Maybe your heart is hidden from the world. You do not want anyone to know what is inside your heart.
God knows our hearts like no other. We can not hide from God. He can heal a broken heart or bend a hard heart to Him, because He is God.
 Just as there are warnings on health products Jesus gave us warnings in His Word to watch after our hearts.
Maybe a situation in which you were deeply hurt hardened your heart. Maybe sin has hardened your heart. Perhaps disappointments in life have hardened your heart to God.
Jesus Loves you and came for the sinners of the world and died for us so we could have life and more abundant life. John 10:10 
The enemy; Satan comes only to steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10
 Maybe ignorance to the Word of God has kept you from knowing Jesus as Lord and Saviour.
 May the peace of God keep your heart and mind in Christ Jesus
Where is your heart today? What is the condition of your heart.

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Love In Christ Jesus,

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