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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to forgive the impossible


There are times in our lives that forgiving another who has harmed us or one we love does not make sense.  The flesh would like to see the perpertraitor hurt or maimed. 

 God writes in His Holy Word we must forgive lest we be forgiven. He also tells us that vengence is His.

So how can one forgive what seems impossible?

It is but for the grace of God that we are able to forgive what seems impossible to us. God is the one that changes our hearts. Perhaps you have been wronged or injured in a most heartless  act.

Our Lord understands and cares more then anyone ever will or can for that matter. When we are His children we are made new creatures in Christ. Every thing put into our lives points right back to God.  The enemy of our souls wants any and all of Gods children to go down in His lies.


Bitterness, anger and resentment poison our souls.

No matter the crime we must forgive. God is clear on His word.

God never gives us more then we can bear to handle. 

 Gods grace gives us the power to forgive and to let go.

He is in charge and He knows what He does.

In an evil and wicked act my baby sister was beat with a tire iron. Will she live? Will she have a productive life or be a vegetable? 

To read my story of how God showed me how to forgive and His loving  miraculous power please follow the link below.


May God make His face shine on you today and always

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