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Thursday, January 17, 2013

There is no greater love.
The chains are gone and I am free.
There is no better teacher then He, who lives inside of me.
Words of the ungodly can not touch or harm me.
I have joy, peace and love.
Good and precious gifts from our Lord, above.
The enemy will try and break me.
In the name of Jesus Christ he must flee.
What a blessing it is to know Christ has already overcome the dark for all humanity.

Our Lord layed down His life for you and I. He wants us to be free . He has prepared a place His Children.

Please follow the link to my poem. It is a true story of my testimony. I was not on a pink cloud when I came to Jesus. I was on the way to eternal destruction. You know some times we get cornered and there is no way out. Looking to the world will not solve your issue, care or problem. What we need is a Savior. You may feel so alone and hopeless. I know what that is like. Most important Jesus understands more than anyone will ever understand and loves you still. He knows your pain. He wants to wipe the tears and repair and restore your life. Do not go it alone. When you invite Jesus into your heart it will be the best decision you will ever make in your lifetime. Recieve Jesus Christ today.

Do Not be too late

 Love You,  Skye
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