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Friday, June 25, 2010

This topic was brought up in a forum. I decided to reply in a 'hub.' I do no write to pass judgment but because I am a Child of God and I serve him. This topic will cause much controversy. I am sure it will not be the last time and we know it is not the first time. One cay every knee will bow and know that Jesus Christ is Lod. He created. He sits on the throne. He wrote the Word of God(Bible) for our benefit, not his. He gave us an instruction manual so we would know he desires we live. We were born with free will to choose. There is an enemy and he wants all to be deceived and sin. He is a sneaky liar. He comes to steal, kill, destroy.
Christ came so we could have life and more abundant. Christ made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. He said man needs a woman and created Eve form the  rib of Adam. Two became one flesh. He did not create man to be with man nor woman to be with woman. Many believe Christians bash gays and lesbians.
No not so, because a true believer shares the truth of God using discernment and love. If a Christian has judged or belittled a gay or lesbian either it was taken out of context or the believer is not a true believer of Christ. We are told to share the good news using good taste or for a better word discernment. We all fall short of the Glory of God. Christians do not need to chide gays or lesbians their sin bashes them God does not.
He died a brutal death so all could be spared hell and have life eternal. To read more on this story please link to the title above. You will be taken to my hub page. Please vote and , leave a comment I would be honored and it will be appreciated. My Love and Blessings
In Love and Peace,
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