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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Reaching For Those Stars

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                                                              Reaching For Those Stars

Many times in life we come under attack from the enemy. It is a part of life. The spirtual battles can tear us down or build us up. It only takes a seed of Faith to move the mountains. This short story is based onmy experience in rebuking the enemy from my path. When I draw closer to God he does not like it. The good news is he is DEFEATED.

Chriat went to the cross for me, for you so we could have life and more abundant. Link the title above to Reaching For Those Stars and enjoy. Take 5 minutes to be lifted up.  I think you will be Blessed. So next time the evil one tries to come at you with his lies Jesus Christ can empower you with the armor. He loves you and has so many suprises for us in this journey. It is an uphill climb at times but we are not alone.A loving reminder of the power we have in Jesus Christ. My Love and Peace skye2day
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