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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Never Never Give Up

Have you ever felt like you just cant move on. Like your prayers are not being heard. You have loved ones hurting. You hurt. You do not know what action to take. You believe in God Almighty yet you wonder where are you? Inside you know he is with you has walked with you all the way. Life does not seem to get softer and easier but more of a challenge. If you could retreat and refresh yourself that would be so nice and wonderful. Oh, to go and hide out, no cell phones, no children or spouse. You feel your mind can not take another demand. That is not likely to happen. 

If any part of this post is something you relate to then be inspired and encouraged. Link to my true story Never Never Give Up.  If you feel inspired to hear the conclusion go to Never Never Give Up Part 11.  A story can start or stop at any given moment. I left a video of music for you and I promise you will love it. The music will give you a bit of sunshine in your day.

You are never alone. It may feel like it. I know I have been there and done that. We do not graduate this life until we pass frrm this planet. The answered prayer has arrived. It was not in your timing. Is is ever? NO because it is Gods timing. His is always the best and not at all what you expected. You are so grateful because this answer is far better then your finite mind could drum up.

                For me I know Gods measures not to be ordinary rather extrodinary

                                                         In Love and Peace,

You are loved by an aweesome GOD!
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