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Friday, July 9, 2010

Call for Help

This is a little gold nugget that has helped me in days past. I was reading an account of Moses. Genesis 18. Moses was a hurried leader of the Israelites. He ran to and fro from sun up to sun down. He probably looked impressive, eating his lunch on the run, meeting different persons, making appointments, arranging meetings.  His father in law Jethro came over one day to the camp. He frowned with disappointment at the harried Moses.

Jethro discussed with Moses that keeping this pace would surely wear him down. He asked what was all this running around here and there accomplishing for the Israelites? Mosses did not take this offense lightly. He felt he needed to do it to keep all in order. What he did not realize is he was getting worn out, irritable and it availed little. His wise father in law told him that he would be more efficient if he handed and divided work among many. He told Moses that God did not want us to run ramped, exerting ourselves. He tells us to call out to him for HELP. Jethro gently told Moses to call for Help from God. He could make decisions make on persons or groups that could take much of the load from him.

Now with my many years on this planet I know the above scenario to be true in my life.. I ran a muck for many years and most of it was because of pride. I can do this, I do not need help. Well a  set of 6 hands gets the dishes done allot quicker and more efficient then the two hands that I am human and I find if I am feeling resentful, lonely, to tired to call on Jesus it is time to slow down call for Help. If my prayers are hurried or very little this is a sign I am trying to hard to accomplish to much on my own. Pride is in my way. When I am this way I open the doors for the enemy to come in and create havoc in my situation and or lives of others. Since I am not willing to settle any longer for this difficult way of life I set out each morning  to dress with the armor of God. He will send the HELP. I only need to call on Jesus who is all powerful.

Well this is my Gold Nugget from the Lord today. You have a Blessed Day the Lord has made. Keep your eyes on things above, Jesus Christ. He is the Way, Truth and Life.                 

                                         In Love and Peace Skye

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