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Monday, July 5, 2010

To All Writers
I have a passion to write. I discoverd this passion when I was 15 years old. In HIgh School I found that the only thing I felt good at was writing. I did go on to college. I took Journalism, Creative Writing, Composistion  English, How to get Published and excelled. I was inspired. Well long story short life happens, I met my first love. I stopped school to work. I have three beautiful daughtes. Today after going a zillion miles God has opened windows for me to write. It has been a long process but I feel I know what I am meant to do for Christ.
During the journey I have researched many writers and used some 'gold nuggets' that have really helped my writing journey. I recently landed on a site and was thrilled. I do not think it was amistake. Many writers want to charge for for their knowledge. I understand we all need money to live. As for myself I pass along what has freely been given to me. We do reap what we sow.
I have a dream and a vision. I am on' 'fire' I wish there were more hours to write. I need many golden nuggets that will help jolt my writing. I came accross a site. I know it was no mistake. God led me there. A writer Daphine Grey, published many times over gives at o charge a super newsletter to help with such things as writing faster, editing, writiers block, grammer rules and much more. There is not charge. SHe does have an Ebood or hard copy book she sells but it is not manditory to get her free newsletter. Her 'gold nuggets' have truly Blessed me.

Below is her link. So writiers or wanna be writers or  orpuplished writiers go and ge a few words of wisdom to helpo your writing journey . In Love and Peace.  but as for myself I believe anything I learn or can pass on to someone for no charge is a gift and I can Bless. I have been so Blessed  I have great joy when I get to give and encourage or inspire someone. I have a dream and vision. It will cost much but in Gods time with him it will come to pass. He is a lare, big all knowing God. I am going with the flow.

SO what I am sharing with you today is a free newsletter by a writer named Daphine Grey. She shares golden nuggets on things such as writers block, writing faster, editing and so on. I am posting her link below and I encourage you to go and take a look at Daphines's  newsletter. Sign up if you think she is a match with your writing style.There are no gimicks not fees. Just sign up. Daphine does she  a hard copy wtiters book or an Ebook but it is not manditory to purchase to get her free newsletter.

                         In Love and Peace.

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