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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sharing The Love: Sharing The Love: "I Worship You" by Edward John (...

Sharing The Love: Sharing The Love: "I Worship You" by Edward John (...: "Sharing The Love: 'I Worship You' by Edward John (lyrics) (excellent quality)

To Join hubpages try sharing your color with the world. Get published, no dues or fees, write your heart out. Get paid to share your colors. Fair warning you will get hooked into this community of published authors. You can be one of them novice, excellent, just start writing, want to be, want to check it out then take the risk. You will never know until you go and try. Life is about taking a risk. Do it share your colors with the world. Share your gifts and talents. You have much to share, open those gifts and help in these trpubled times. You have a niche you love. If not dig deep and you will find what is in your heart inside to give and share. Writing is a journey into your soul and heart. Enjoy the journey, do not take yourself to serious. Have fun with it. Tell others your story. You have nothing to loose but everything to gain. Check out my hubs of love. I never thought in a million years writing would open the doors for me that have been waiting to push open. Do not pass up a chance to be all you want to be and more. You are loved by and awesome God. Someone needs your story, skills, knowledge, wisdom, hope. Some one could benefit from your mistakes. You never know how God could use you. Do be prepared because you will be loved at hub pages. Hang on for the ride of your life. Never give up on your dreams. They were put on your heart for a reason. Check out what is on your heart. Do you know computers? Do you know photography? Do you relate to hurting children and hunger? Do you love God and want to share what he has done for you. The sky is the limit. Do not limit yourself. My Love and Peace. Skye

Go and check out my stories and get an idea of what the hubs are like. Please leave me a comment. It would be greatly appreciated.
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