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Friday, February 11, 2011

If you have a desire to write and share your colors with the world hubpages is an awesome community of writers from novice to published authors. There is no fee to join, ever.

You can earn income there are no strings attached. I will give you my personal promise. Why trust me? I understand I really do. There are wolves online and in the world that would love to take from you for thier own benefit. Leaving you with an empty promise and empty pocket. Many are lured into something that is a trick. I know the feeling and humility because it has happened to me not once but two or three time So step out of the box and expand your horizons. If you have a desire to write or express yourself or just to give of yourself it was put there for a reason. You have gifts and talents that could help others. Keep your dream alive. DO not Limit what God can do in yoru life. I promised there are no dues, no fees, not deadlines. You do not need to be a cumputer guru to put it together. hupages has done all the work. You write it. They publish it goes into the world of cyberspace You choose your penname. You will love hubpages. It has changed my life. Writing is a pathway to the soul. SO do not put off unti tommorrow what you can do today. 
You are loved by an awesome God. There is no mistake you are readingIt is all a choice you manke to write what you choose and when you choose.  SO write your heart out. At least go take a look if something inside of you is stirring. Love n Hugs.
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