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Monday, February 14, 2011

Living In This World But Not Of This World.

                                                     Living In This World But Not Of This World.

I had a dream and in the dream I was in a blissful state. I laid on the big fluffy white cloud and slowly drifted over volcano's. The old eruptions were like birth marks from times past. This I knew in my heart was a message from the Lord our God. I woke and asked Him to please reveal to me what this vision I saw so clearly meant to me. What was I suppose to know. Well God did reveal the message to me.  He is Love. He controls the winds of time and the rivers as  they flow To read the story go to my hubpages and enjoy the visit. I am delighted you landed here. I do not think this is a mistake. Just maybe you are to be here at this time. Not because of me but Because the Holy Spirit led you here for  a reason.In Love and Peace.
In Him,
Hugs Galore

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