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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Reaching for those stars Keep on!

Open the eyes of your heart babes. Open the eyes of your heart.  We live in dangerous times my brothers and sisters.
Much is going on in the world of things.  We do live in a fallen world and the enemy is at large to steal kill and destroy. Children of God we have a safety net around us and in us. Keep your eyes on things that are beautiful, pure, lovely and honest and true. Do not stay focused on the news. God has told us all things. Hear the word first place then the news.
You will the know truth and it will set you free. Please be sure you go to a Bible Based church that shares the truth of Jesus Christ and leaves nothing untouched.  Do not be deceived. This is the latter days and the system is fallen. Gods system the Kingdom of God is where the Blessings are. Stick close to God and like minds. In love and truth . IN Christ. Please do check out my story Reaching for those stars.  Keep reaching. Keep seeking.
I love you sisters brothers and friends In Christ Jesus. Skye.

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