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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Salvation 2 Day!!

Do not leave here without it.  Salvation 2 Day!!! 
Beloved may God Bless and keep you. If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ then the Heaven doors are not open for you.  I pray to God you do. If  you do not there is hope. Do not be to  late this is a choice we make in this lifetime. I encourage you to link to my hub if you would like to be sure you are saved or if you are curious about Salvation or if long for Jesus in your life.

Life as we know it is not going to get better in this old world.  The times are not going to get smoother.  It is written and if you are familiar with Bible Prophecy you know this to be true. God tells us to be watchman. God  has foretold us of all things.

I truly know what it is like running a muck on self will and my own devices. God sent His only son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. The Blood of Jesus cleanses us from sin.  I will not go into detail here on the blog but if you need salvation then at least go and read the hub.  No one wants to perish and go to hell?? Do they? Oh my goodness I would hope not. There are many though that flat deny Jesus Christ and God.

We all will die and go to Heaven or Hell.  I did not write this. The author is Almighty God. The creator of Heaven and Creator of all of Heaven and Earth. The creator of you and I.  You do not know what may happen tomorrow so make the choice today for eternal life and the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ. 
 I too was once lost then found.  I am eternally grateful. Peace and

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