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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Keep your eyes on things above. God is good. Amen?

Keep your eyes on Jesus not the issues.  

Keep your eyes on things above. You never know what God may place in your path. He is majesty and loves to surprise His kids. His signs are everywhere. If you look you will discover a special sign, just for you. God is like that. If you are in Christ then you are His beloved. God only wants our love. He wants to care for you and bless you.  He is love and shows us His signs.

Are you a child of God? There is one way to God the Father through Jesus Christ His only begotten son. Believe in Him. Repent of Sin. Ask Jesus into your heart as Lord of your life. You will me made clean as snow and forgiven. God has a purpose for your life. When you ask Jesus into your heart you are born again into the family of God.  You are saved and have a bright future ahead of you on planet earth and an eternal home in Heaven.  How precious and beautiful Jesus is! He gave His life for you and I. His love so wondrous that He took on all the sin of the world.

If you want a life of abundance in joy, peace, health and prosperity then choose Jesus today. If you want to run your own life or depend on your employer to fill the hole or the government to meet your needs then you will only be hurt and disappointed. Only Jesus Christ can fill the hole in the heart.  No man, power or principle can fill the hole inside. Jesus is the only way, truth and life.

If you do not know Jesus ask Him into your heart as your Lord and Saviour. The angels in heaven rejoice when one is saved from the darkness and led into the light. You have a chorus rejoicing for you. We all have to make the decision in this lifetime. There is eternal life after we pass from this planet. Do not be deceived!! The devil wants to keep any and all blinded to the light of Christ. That is his evil and wicked work and purpose. To lead all and any away from Jesus Christ.

Jesus saves. Know Jesus and Know Peace or No Jesus and No Peace.

Don't take my word for it but the Word of God. John 3:16  Romans 10:9-10

Please take my personal word on this. There is no love greater then the love of Jesus. There is no freedom, until you know Jesus. He saved a wretched sinner like me. Oh, Praise the Lord. He wants none to perish, no not one.  Do you know Jesus? It is not too late until it is too late. Choose life today, choose Jesus.

Love You, In Christ, Skye 
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