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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Latter days and one world order

The signs of the times are all pointing to the return of Jesus Christ. These are also called the latter days and or the end of times. Each generation seems to have believed they were indeed the generation to see the rapture of the church and the return of Jesus. One thing is for certain the great and glorious day is closer and not farther away.

When God breathed the words into the Bible through His profits He foretold what the signs would be leading up to the return of Jesus Christ. No one knows the exact time or when their time is over living on planet earth. Many signs do point to a one world order and time is moving quickly as prophecy unfolds before our eyes.

So much is going on behind the scenes and most of the world is ignorant of the government actions taking place right now, under our feet. Satan is the father of lies. He is the master behind the plan. It is all written in the Bible because God has foretold us of all things. Many that believe do not know about such actions because the govenment does not share the truth. Many because of lack of knowledge. Many think we will be out of here, raptured and avoid the tribulations. I can only pray that were true but we will face some difficult days ahead unless America repents. There is no condemnation in Christ but I do urge you people to get down your Bible and read it. If you belong to a Christian Bible based church go!! Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17

Really it is no secret we just need to look out the window at the wicked and evil. What is exciting in these days we live is soon, very soon Jesus is going to return. For the children of God this is good news and we should not fear. If you would like to read more please link to my hub below. From there you will find more articles by writers who I believe will help you to see and of course the Holy Spirit of God our teacher, comforter, guide, friend be with us. Much that has happened in the United States since 911 has been a wake up call to America to come back to God.

God has fortold us all things for our benefit. Let no man be decieved because I have fortold you of all things to come. This is a vital time to hear the word of God. We have eternal life at stake. Many will be decieved when the anti christ shows up. They will truly beleive he is Jesus. It is a lie. He has been given power to do wonders and signs. This will turn many from the one true Jesus Christ.

It is a good thing that our salvation does not rest in our understanding of the end times or if we will or will not be raptured out of here before the great tribulation. God wants us to know when it is at the door. We are to be watchmen. This is why He wrote the events, so we would have warning. 

Many do not beleive eternity to be a place but more like imagination. A popular theory is that all will go to heaven reguardless of sin. Another belief is we will have restitution time to clean up our act. Eternal life is at stake here. If one denies Jesus then he to will be denied by God the father to eternal life and perish in hell. Many will be ignorant of the powers to be when anti christ shows up and other events take place.

To read more on this most vital Biblical message then please follow my article on hub pages. Beloved do not be decieved by the anti christs of this world.

May our Lord God make His face to shine on you and open your heart to the truth as found in His  Holy Word. Jesus is alive and wants you and I to have success and it is possible in the days we live. Because with Christ all things are possible for those that believe. Romans 8:28

I love you and wish the best for your and yours. Keep your eyes on Jesus. He is the way truth and life. If you are not a child of God and born again, perhaps it is time today to take action and ask Jesus as your Lord and Savior and repent of sin. Childern of God are not to be worried. God is with us. He will never leave nor forsake us. Hebrew 3:13

My Love, Skye
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