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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Beloved Children of God
The Word of God. Look up Romans 8:28 today. Memorize the verse.  
 It is time now to take a stand of who we are in Christ Jesus. If you do not know then by all means you need to know. You are a Child of God. Get into a church. One that is Bible based and Jesus teaching and Holy Spirit filled. Not one that tells you what you want to hear. God has given us His written and living Word for a reason.

 He has given us a gift! A huge gift, how to live and thousands of promises for us.  God is the only one that has never nor ever will break a promise. He has foretold us of things to come. Prophecy! We should know what is going on in this world and what will happen to the Children of God. It is time for the silent Christian to step up and out. We have been given the power of the Holy Spirit. I know, and trust me I know it is not always easy, this living thing. Life can be very difficult to say the least. You could have lost much. That is not easy.You could be facing a job loss or have a wayward child or live with abuse. Life is not easy. 

To keep faith we have to keep hearing Gods word.  Humans can all to soon go on how things look or feel rather then to hang in in the faith. Faith takes work. Faith is an action wordPractice, practice and practice. When we do then Gods promise's will become a a living part of us. He is the living truth. If we do not read the word or hear the word then how can we know these things?  If you are saved there is so much GOD has for you. Blessings.
The more you know, the more you you can share with others. The more you  unbderstand the more you will live in Gods promises. The light you shine will shine on others. You never know how the light in you might shine on another lost or hurting soul. The times we live are not going to get easier. Not until Jesus returns to rule and reighn.

 We do not need to be afraid. How do I know? Gods word tells me. Jesus tells us how to overcome fear. Jesus has already defeated fear on the cross at Calvary.
. I encourage you to get back into church if you are not going. Please make sure it is a Bible based, Jesus teaching church. You will not be sorry. Do not go to a church that waters down the turth and tells you what you want to hear. Lies only decieve and hurt another. There is no gain in lies. Please make sure you read the Word of God. A little each day. You will be amazed how things just seem to change in your life. You will be Blessed. Get up and meditate on Gods word, thank Him and try to memorize a couple of promises each day. You will have something to stand on when the storms of life come at you.

God has foretold us all things. We do not need to be in the dark about our future. We can know what is going to happen to the world as times moves forward. If you would like to read more about prophecy and times ahead please go to my new hub.
 I beleive you will be blessed. It is my hope you are encouraged

My Love in Jesus,

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