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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

There is a devil loose. Matthew 11:32. I wonder how many have not come to the resolution there is an enemy, Satan. He is coming against the church, the preachers, families and anyone that stands and is for righteousness. Why is all this activity stirring up in our world? People just do not understand what is happening. The media surely will not tell us, Out of ignorance perhaps so but there are many in media that know the truth. Church we are in the media. We have free speech in the USA, so far. The government wants to control us and tells us they have solutions. It is a down right lie. For years government has been working towards one world order and religion, for control.

The bricks are falling people On 9-11 the bricks started falling. Then America starts building the tower leaving out GOD. We boasted we will rebuild. Although church's were jammed packed fro a short while after 9-11 how quickly we go back to our old ways. 9-11 was a warning sign. If we take a look back into history the tower of bable is very similar to rebuilding the tower in New York City. The people of Babylon wanted to run things thier own way. We know through scripture that did not work just as today in our world our way is not working. The bricks continue to fall. This is nothing to take lightly. Children of God know what I speak. The world can not know because they are not of God.

Never mind the fact that the USA was found on Godly principles. George Washington our first president said our Nation will not stand if we do not keep God first place. Are we in judgement? I beleive so. God tells us he will repair our land if we repent and come back to Him. Is it too late? Will that happen? As it is written  Isaiah 10 speaks of the rebuilding of the tower. Building the tower was a sign of defiance.The people want to run the show themselves and beleived they could do so without Gods help or Blessing.

There was a scripture found in the ruins of ground zero. It was in the collapse. One page was not destroyed. A photographer took a picture. The scripture was come let us build ourselves a tower. (Isaiah 9:10) The tower keeps growing. President Obama went to ground zero and said he was going to add a beam the highest in the world to the tower.  America said, 'God we are going to rebuild." Where is God in this picture? The same scripture used in Isaiah 9:10 is being used today.

Dr. Oral Roberts said before the day of Lord there will  be three separate enmities loosened. They are happening right now in our midst. Dr. Lester Summerall said that an evil enemy would be loosed on some screen. In July 2012 the theater in Aurora went under attack by a 24 year old male. Everyone wrings their hands and says why. This day God is calling the body of Christ to rise above the status quo of church normalcy.

Over a period of time people call evil good and good evil. The enemy has been hard at work to pull all and any away from Christ. Children are driven daily by destructive thoughts by an evil spirit. All this onslaught of evil is to subtle to be of natural origin. Many call this a dysfunctional family, The Bible calls it the Spirit of anti Christ.  Carnal minds that can not know the things of God. There are two worlds one of light one of darkness. He is after our children our neighborhoods. Jesus defeated the enemy, Satan but it is time for us to put our foot down and say no you don't. God has given Children of God the authority.

Church it is time to sanctify ourselves right now. Whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven. There are too many people opening the door for the demon spirits. School administrators pass out condoms rather then the truth.  What is escape ism? It is not telling the truth to our church, to our society. We need to shout the devil out right now. Instead of handing a slip to planned parenthood we need to take a stand Saints. The time is today. The silent Christian needs to come out and share the truth of God.

The joy of the Lord is our strength. The devil wants us depressed, overwhelmed, and afraid. Where do we get the answer. Well church is a start. A bible based Holy Spirit filled church that does not water down the truth. Get out there in the morning and Praise God, shout onto God and take authority over the devil.  Drag him out of your household. All we have to do is magnify the Lord. He is good and His mercy endures forever. Irrational levels are running high. Praise God because HE is greater then any devil. Praise Him because He gave us power over the enemy. God has not given us a Spirit of fear but of peace and sound mind. In the name of Jesus bind spiritual wickedness in high places. Bind every evil spirit. We have been given freedom in Jesus. As a blood bought child of Almighty God we have been given the victory over debt, depression and our future. We need to oppose every devil loose from us. Sow seed, get into church, fellowship with others. We need to focus our faith. No step of faith ever goes unrewarded by Christ. Focus your faith. No weapon formed against us shall prosper.

Read the word and pray. Prayers are heard from God. Jesus sits at the Fathers right hand to intercept our prayers. Get back into the presence of Almighty God.  Prayer, Praise, Power from the Holy Spirit belong to children of God.  It is time Church to step up and step out in the faith and truth of Jesus Christ.

Is God speaking to you? In the name of Jesus if you heard this word then ask God what your place of service is for HIM and go for it. Do not hold back. Get your house in order and share the Gospel message of salvation. Today is the day of salvation. Precious people Israel was judged by God. He told them if they did not repent there would be judgment. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  God is calling His people. He commands we be the light of Christ in a lost world.

We are entering into the 70th week as spoken by the profit Daniel. (aniel 9:24-27) 69 weeks ( around 490 years) have passed and much of phrophecy has come to pass. The 70th week goes into the time of the great tribulation. There is work to be done. May the Spirit of God be on His children as we go bodly into a lost world and proclaim the message of Jesus Christ. I pray He abounds in us today and by His wonderous grace we stand forth in His mighty and powerful name. The name above all others. Jesus Christ.

Jesus is going to return and soon. He will reighn and rule. Children of God are your  hearts ready? Be ready and tell everyone about Christ! With the Holy Spirit of God we can do all things because He strengthns us. It has already been done at the cross. Phil 4:17

My Love, Skye
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