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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to grow stunning hollyhocks~easy step by step instructions

Blessings my cyberspace friends. I am grateful you stopped in for a visit. With spring in the air I decided to post this great read I ran accross on how to grow hollyhock flowers. They are such a beautiful and wonderous creation in Gods design. Add this to your garden and praise the Lord. The previous owner of this home I had bought asked me to especially enjoy the plant. His hollyhock was a pride and joy for him. He asked me to take good care of it. Prior to this I had no idea what a hollyhock looked like.  When it bloomed in early summer I was stunned. The majestic lavender/blue flowers were almost the size of a baseball mit. The plant itself was about 6 feet high which was unusal. I lliterally had to stake it up. There were probaly 18 flower buds.
 You can always use the seeds after bloom for next season.
 . The article gives you all the tips and tricks you will need to harvest a hollyhock.  God is truly AMAZING with HIs endless amd majestic creations.
If you are feeling a bit down today go and help someone give them a smile a hug or a couple of dollars or a few seeds to plant and count your blessings. Your day will go much better. We do reap what we sow.  Sow goodness and reap goodness. Jesus loves you. Keep your eyes on Him,He is the the way thruth and life. John 14:6
  With HIM all things are possible without Him there is no hope for purpose.
Love you Bloggers. Happy Gardening, Skye.

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