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Monday, October 10, 2011

 Window Washer Man Clears The View For Glory To Shine.

Chadwick did not let his disabilities or the pain he felt in his body stop him from the work of the Lord. He was a precious soul. Each morning he rose and with a grateful heart. He prayed the Lords Prayer and set out with his cart to do the work the Lord had placed in front of him.

Today was a brisk morning. He was thankful for the new gloves and hat he found in his treasure pile. He knew that God had place them there for him. Chadwick also delighted in the extra long johns given him by the Salvation Army. He felt he could never do enough for His Lord.

If you are having a down day and those days will come I encourage you to read this short story. I know many Chadwick's I only wish that I too could match up to his selfless attitude. May the Word of God move on you today and always. You know many believe in God. My question to you today is do you believe Gods Word? It is HIS word for all of creation. All that choose to believe. Take the stand and learn some scriptures to stand on each day. It will change your day and light the way. You know why because God is truth. His Word is the same man will let you down. God will never let you down. It is a choice we need to make. May the Light shine on you. Now click the title to the story and enjoy the day the Lord has made. Choose to be glad in it my brothers sisters and friends.

In Christ Jesus,  By Skye
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